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With BookSmart, every day is a different reading adventure! Spend quality time learning with your child and start important conversations at home.

Follow our Reading Tips to inspire your child to fall in love with reading, and play with exciting learning activities and quizzes that improve reading skills and stimulate curiosity. BookSmart is free and works on any device.

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BookSmart helps your young dreamer become a strong reader.
Every book completed will boost their confidence, vocabulary, and digital skills.

Thousands of
books in multiple languages

Access anytime, anywhere, on any device

Reading challenges that jumpstart reading

Activities that build literacy skills and soft skills

Tips to support caregivers, and much more

A reading partner that grows with your family

Our books and activities are carefully curated to inspire children aged 3-12 and adapt as your child grows and learns.

Because no reader is the same, BookSmart changes with your family. Choose your favorite character and create unique reader profiles for a personalized reading experience. Challenge each other, track progress, and explore stories with multiple readers.

A world of stories at your fingertips

Download BookSmart and dive into a world of over 2,700 books from your phone.

  • Stories in multiple languages, including Arabic, English, Hindi, Kiswahili, and Spanish
  • Books from international and local publishers
  • Explore far-away worlds or read stories that feel like home

Spark your child’s imagination with captivating books about nature, sports, friendship, history, and much more!

Help your child succeed

Did you know that children who read have greater success in school and life and show stronger emotional intelligence? Reading is a lifelong gift!

BookSmart helps boost reading comprehension and empathy and stimulates creativity. Plus, your child will love its captivating stories and fun learning activities! Read on BookSmart online or download the app on your phone for free.

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