Improve learning with a library at their fingertips

The BookSmart reading solution brings the power and joy of reading to schools, educational programs, and homes.

*Available from a tablet or mobile phone.

BookSmart for school

Everything you need to boost your reading program

A subscription to
150+ books

Students benefit from culturally relevant collections, available in multiple languages that integrate with their school’s curriculum.

A teacher and
student-friendly app

Running on locally available, low-cost color tablets, BookSmart supports the reading needs of primary students with full-color illustrated story books. Textbooks can be added to the library on request.

A children’s English

Students benefit from the embedded children’s English Dictionary so they can learn unfamiliar words at the touch of a finger.


BookSmart’s data insights provide the information needed to improve classroom learning, prepare students for literacy acquisition, and report on progress.

Training in digital reading

School leaders and teachers benefit from BookSmart training, which includes guidance on how to integrate digital reading into the classroom.


School leaders benefit from the flexibility of the hardware and software. BookSmart can be customized to include textbooks and training materials.

A quality collection that supports daily lesson plans

BookSmart features a collection of 150+ full-color, quality storybooks designed to support educators as they incorporate digital reading into their lessons.

  • Supports learning in classrooms, libraries, and early childhood education centers.
  • Designed to help students achieve learning outcomes.
  • Accessible from home on a mobile device in order to foster family involvement and continue learning outside of school.

Designed to improve a student’s learning outcomes

The carefully curated collection of books along with the embedded children’s English Dictionary will help students expand their vocabulary, master subjects, build 21st Century skills, and improve reading fluency and comprehension.

Data insights that track reading progress

BookSmart’s data insights give school leaders the information they need to improve classroom learning, prepare students for exams, and report on progress. Key impact metrics include:


Schools can track how much time each project and grade are reading.


Validate time reading
against international benchmarks.


With 150+ titles per device, children can enjoy one new book every week.


Teachers can discover the most popular books by grade and reading.

BookSmart for home

BookSmart extends learning beyond the school day

BookSmart for home allows parents and caregivers to access a library from their mobile phones so they can support their children’s learning after the school day or when physical schools are not in session. BookSmart starts with a free base collection – 75+ great local and international books suitable for young readers and their parents available on Android phones via the Google Play Store.

Time spent reading that encourages bonding between parent and child

Reading to and with children is an intimate experience that gives parents and caregivers the opportunity to establish strong and nurturing bonds with their children.

Reading via a mobile phone
made easy

Age appropriate books

Stories are curated for children from birth through primary grades

Local language content

100s of books are available in English, Arabic, Hindi, and Spanish

Offline reading

Books can be saved for offline reading for those with limited data.

Works on any phone

Even with feature phones, parents or caregivers can access books

Low data costs

The light app, optimized for all connection speeds, keeps data costs low

BookSmart offers a rich collection of books and more

BookSmart always starts with a free base collection – 75+ great local and international books.

For partners who want to offer even more to children in schools or education programs, Worldreader offers the premium solution:

  • 150+ books
  • training
  • reading data and insights
  • partner branding

Subscriptions start at $0.50 per device/month, with discounts for large volumes. To help keep children reading during the COVID-19 crisis, as part of our Keep Children Reading Initiative, Worldreader will waive the subscription fee for the first three months

See our premium collections for Africa, MENA, LATAM, and India.

Designed to establish positive reading habits with lasting impact

With a rich library, easy-to-use app, and data insights, BookSmart for home provides rich benefits to families, producing long lasting outcomes.

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