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The COVID-19 pandemic has created a global learning crisis

Countries across the globe are mobilizing in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Mass shutdowns of primary schools are dramatically disrupting studies. The number of impacted children and youth stands at more than 1.4 billion. Every day this number is climbing. 

Wide mobile phone penetration across the world coupled with the availability of ed-tech resources makes digital learning an extremely valuable tool to mitigate learning loss.

Get BookSmart to help children continue learning 

Reading is foundational to education. For pre-primary and primary students, it should be a top priority to maintain reading skills and keep children engaged with books during this crisis. 

BookSmart gives parents and caregivers access to a library from their mobile phones so they can support their children’s learning while physical schools are out of session. BookSmart starts with a free base collection – 75+ great local and international books suitable for young readers and their parents available on Android phones via the Google Play Store.

Age appropriate books

Stories are curated for children from birth through primary grades

Local language content

100s of books are available in English, Arabic, Hindi, and Spanish

Offline reading

Books can be saved for offline reading for those with limited data 

Works on any phone

Even with feature phones, parents or caregivers can access books

Low data costs

The light app, optimized for all connection speeds, keeps data costs low

BookSmart offers a rich collection of books and more

BookSmart always starts with a free base collection – 75+ great local and international books.

For partners who want to offer even more to children in schools or education programs, Worldreader is offering the premium solution for East Africa and West Africa with 200+ books, training, reading data and insights, and partner branding. Contact us to learn more.

Partner with Worldreader to bring books to children during school closures

BookSmart for home offers an affordable, scalable, and fast response during this learning crisis. Contact Worldreader today to get started supporting children with BookSmart.

Learn about our books for older students and young adults

For older students and young adults, we offer our free Worldreader reading app, available on mobile phones. It features hundreds of books for learning and pleasure, in categories including Learn, Health, and Career. Over 120,000 people already read from it each month, with new readers joining each day.

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