Keep Children Reading
A global response to the education crisis

Covid-19 has caused a worldwide education crisis.
It’s time to keep children reading!

The COVID-19 pandemic has created the largest disruption of education systems in history. For the world’s most vulnerable students, school closures and continued school disruptions threaten their learning and broaden the achievement gap.

Keep Children Reading is supporting families across the Global South and the United States.

The pandemic has widened inequalities in education.

Remote learning is leaving the most vulnerable students behind. With in-person education disrupted, millions of students are experiencing learning loss.

in under-resourced communities lack the tools needed for remote learning.

need support to help their children continue learning in the absence of traditional schooling.


like community libraries and community centers are closed.

Access to reading is foundational to education.

For pre-primary and primary students, it should be a top priority to maintain reading skills and keep children engaged with books during this crisis. However, the pandemic has made it even harder for children in under-resourced communities to access books.

Worldreader’s Keep Children Reading offers vulnerable children a simple distance-learning solution.

Keep Children Reading is a distance-learning initiative to support vulnerable children during the Covid-19 education crisis and beyond.

Children will benefit by:

  • Strengthening their literacy skills
  • Learning new subjects
  • Bonding with parents and caregivers during story time
  • Developing social-emotional skills
  • Exploring diverse cultures with stories from around the world

So far, Keep Children Reading has reached over 1.1 million households.

Since the global onset of Covid-19 in late March, supporters like you have helped thousands of students continue to read, develop essential skills, and build resilience.




active readers on BookSmart


hours reading and counting

Keep Children Reading is
helping children learn and feel safe.

Our collection of coronavirus-themed titles helps children learn about Covid-19 and stay resilient. The library also supports the emotional health of children during these stressful times.

We know how to support children with distance learning.

For years, Worldreader has empowered parents to read with their children via their mobile phones. The coronavirus pandemic has made our work even more urgent. Luckily, we were in a position to act immediately.

We take children’s safety seriously.

Worldreader follows the General Data Protection Regulation EU 2016/679, local legislation and guidance from data protection agencies. We take these steps to ensure safeguards for children’s personal data and to protect their physical and psychological wellbeing.

The world’s most vulnerable children need your help.

Right now more than ever, your donation can help support children in need at a time that is crucial in our world’s history.

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