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Worldreader (app)

The Worldreader app contains a library of thousands of digital books aimed at youth and adults. It can be accessed on any connected mobile phone, enabling readers to access books anytime, anywhere.

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App Features

Personalized reading

Readers can create their own bookshelves, so all of their favorite books are just one click away.


The Worldreader app uses gamification to help readers set goals for themselves and track their reading progress, encouraging them to read more.

Offline reading

For readers who want to keep reading, even when they’re out of data or can’t connect to the internet, the offline reading option guarantees that no reader will ever be without books.

Supports any language

Our mobile readers span the globe. To make sure there’s something to read for everyone, our library supports a variety of languages including non-Roman scripts such as Arabic, Amharic, Hindi.


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