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Digital reading has the power to reach billions. It also has the power to inspire. We work with parents, teachers and librarians to foster reading cultures.

We empower readers at every stage of life

We join forces with partners to make a bigger difference

We work across sectors to catalyze systems change: testing bold new models, building the evidence for impact, supporting partners to integrate digital reading into their work, and then scaling to the next level.

We deliver high quality, engaging and relevant content

Readers everywhere connect with stories they can see themselves in. We nurture the development of local publishing industries to support strong reading ecosystems.

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We’re helping people read well, read more and develop a love for reading. Each step of the way we’re experimenting, iterating and following the data to amplify our impact.

Leveraging digital reading to help children learn in their mother tongue

How do you say ‘education for all’ in your mother language? Today, on Mother Language Day, we celebrate the invaluable role that mother-tongue language plays in ensuring that everyone across the globe has access to quality learning. Worldreader’s LOCAL project, which will bring local-language books to 20 libraries across Uganda and Zambia, aims to contribute … Continue Reading →

Top Books Read By Worldreaders In 2018
Books that keep people reading Every year we strive to get to know our readers better  – what sets them apart, what gets them reading and, most importantly, what keeps them reading. Having a better understanding of our readers enables us to bring them a stronger library of books, acquired and curated for their tastes. … Continue Reading →
Working with Publishers to Build Lasting Change

Reduced production costs, shortened timelines and access to new markets are among some of the drivers to digital publishing captured in a recent survey with publishers in Sub-Saharan Africa. At Worldreader, we work with over 400 publishers worldwide and after 8 years of publisher capacity-building, we were eager to better understand the impact of digital … Continue Reading →

worldreader reading moment
7 reading moments captured in 2018

Throughout the year, we’re lucky to collect pictures from around the world that capture a moment in time when reading is touching people’s lives: whether it’s bringing them together, lifting them up, or simply making them feel alive. Here are some of our favorite reading moments of 2018: 1. A young girl stops by a … Continue Reading →

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