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Digital reading has the power to reach billions. It also has the power to inspire. We work with parents, teachers and librarians to foster reading cultures.

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We work across sectors to catalyze systems change: testing bold new models, building the evidence for impact, supporting partners to integrate digital reading into their work, and then scaling to the next level.

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Readers everywhere connect with stories they can see themselves in. We nurture the development of local publishing industries to support strong reading ecosystems.

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We’re helping people read well, read more and develop a love for reading. Each step of the way we’re experimenting, iterating and following the data to amplify our impact.

“When you read, read, read, something magical will happen!”

“When I read, read, read, something magical will happen. When you read, read, read, there is something mystical!” This is the tune that has been playing on repeat in our heads since we heard it last month at the first-ever National Reading Day in Ghana. The song was produced in collaboration with Ghanaian rap star … Continue Reading →

Reading: Your Bridge to Adventure

There’s a new painting on a pale-pink wall of Kiuyu Mbuyuni School library on Pemba, an island just off Tanzania’s eastern coast. It depicts the island – recognisable for its lush greenery – connected to the rest of the world via a bridge. The bridge itself seems to hang in the clouds, leading to a library marked … Continue Reading →

National Scale Project Turns Kenyan Libraries into Digital Hubs

 By Rebecca Chandler Leege, Chief Impact Officer, Worldreader Just last week we received a note from a man named Michael Kazungu in Kenya. Michael is the Head Librarian at knls Kwale Library. As part of LEAP 2.0 the library received a batch of e-readers in February 2017 and since then Michael has been incredibly … Continue Reading →

Our 2017 Annual Report

Worldreader is eight years old. A lot can happen in eight years: in 2010, the iPad had just come out, fewer than 35% of Americans owned smartphones, and the Mars Rover had not yet landed on the surface of our next-door neighbor. Today, tablets and mobile phones are everywhere, 77% of Americans own a smartphone … Continue Reading →

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