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Get children reading

We provide the tools, training, and resources needed to help children and their communities thrive through reading. Your support will:

Three young girls reading from an ipad

Give children access to thousands of stories that matter to them

Help families nurture a positive home reading environment

Harness the power of technology to get children reading anytime, anywhere

Support our greatest needs now

Learn more about our different projects and the areas of our work you can support to make sure every child can benefit from the positive impact of reading.

 Meet the children and see their potential

“I feel happy when I read. I also feel like all my dreams can come true.”
Amina, 10, Ghana

“The program has been a joy for both me and my son and we get to spend time together.”
Jasmine, United States

“My daughter’s life really changed since she started reading.”
Mariosis, Peru

“Education will help me become independent of doing daily chores. It will make me strong enough to have a voice in society.”
Kiran, 7, India

“I like to read with my friends. Because it is good to teach others to read.”
Ezekiel, 8, Ghana

“I have made reading a habit for my kids, encouraging them to read and love reading. When a mom reads to her children, it enhances the bond between the mother and her child.”
Shadya, Jordan

It takes a community to support a reader. Join us and get children reading in 100+ countries.