| February 24, 2015

We’ve Gone Solar


Worldreader Solar Solution_Students

When people first learn about Worldreader, one question they often ask is “How do people in the developing world charge their e-readers?” We tell them that the schools and libraries we work with have the means to charge their devices, either through the power grid, a generator or a nearby electricity source. Today, we are excited to announce that, through a partnership with BBOXX, we now offer a solar solution that will enable all schools, everywhere to get e-readers, even if they have no access to electricity.

Our solar solution, via BBOXX’s BB17 product, provides enough energy to charge up to 200 e-readers, the equivalent of 4 Worldreader BLUE Boxes. It can also power lighting for morning and evening study so children can read and learn at times that are convenient to them. The new solar solution can charge mobile phones too, so that teachers and community members can continue to read on Worldreader Mobile.

Worldreader Solar in a library

Worldreader performed testing with schools and libraries in Kenya to identify the solar solution that would be most compatible with our vision and most effectively serve the communities. The BB17 was favored for being large enough to support an entire household without requiring any technical support for installation and for being a cost-effective solution.

For all of Worldreader’s existing and new partners, the Worldreader solar solution is available for immediate purchase for $500, including shipping to the project site. If you’re ready to order yours today, simply get in touch with our team via iprograms@worldreader.org.

We’re thrilled to now offer a solar solution that will allow us to address a barrier to education in parts of the world where improving education is essential to growth. It will enable us to partner with more schools and libraries, getting us even closer to providing digital books for each child and her family.

Worldreader Solar in a Classroom

And a special thanks to Cynthia Hammer, whose funding has made this entire project possible for Worldreader and the thousands of communities we will serve around the world.