Worldreader Mobile

Worldreader Mobile

Mobile Phones as E-Readers

For the first time ever, millions of folks in the developing world have access to a library of books using a device they already own: their mobile phone. With its application for feature and android phones, Worldreader is turning on its head the notion that reading e-books requires an e-reader, tablet or smart phone.

In order to achieve this ground-breaking feat, Worldreader has partnered with biNu, an App developer based in Sydney. biNu’s patented technology delivers a smart phone like experience to low end feature phones— enabling millions of people in low income countries access to Facebook, Twitter, Local News, Google—and, now, Worldreader Mobile.

To give you an idea of the enormous scope and potential: feature phones are the largest segment of the global mobile market, with over 60% of the global mobile market share with over 5 billion mobile subscribers. In 2013 an average of 334,851 monthly active users completed 657,475 books on Worldreader Mobile. We hope to have 2 million people reading each month by the end of 2014.

Books and Stories on Worldreader Mobile

Currently Worldreader Mobile allows readers to choose from thousands of books and stories in a wide variety of genres and languages. Our readers devour love stories, Caine Prize winning short stories, devotional and educational materials, children’s stories and more.

Worldreader Mobile features hundreds of short stories – quick reads folks can devour whilst on the bus or matatu. And because short stories are a great way to hook new readers, we hope to uncover millions of new bookworms. Folks can enjoy steamy love stories from Nigeria, exciting adventure capers from South Africa as well as short folktales and fables from all over Africa and Asia.

Worldreader Mobile also features pertinent and potentially life-saving information on HIV/AIDS, malaria and other important health issues. Worldreader is forging partnerships with international health organizations to continue to bring valuable health information to our readers.

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The Worldreader – biNu partnership is what makes Worldreader Mobile possible. Learn more about biNu too and the great work they are doing!

What the press has to say about Worldreader Mobile:

Worldreader Mobile is interesting, you cannot get bored. I like to read novels (bestsellers) and current affairs.” –Kim Rotich, Worldreader Mobile user and avid book reader

Interested in putting your material on Worldreader Mobile?

If you are an author or publisher interested in getting your books or short stories on Worldreader Mobile, please email


  • Worldreader Mobile can display books in any language in the world – our aim is to give readers access to a wide variety of books and stories in their native language about the unique places and people that are known and especially relevant to them.
  • Worldreader Mobile features a built in dictionary as well as a ‘translate’ tool, so that readers can translate any book, page by page.
  • Whilst reading a book or story on Worldreader Mobile, one is able to “Share” on Twitter or “Like” on Facebook with friends or other interested readers – directly from the App.
  • Worldreader Mobile is fast and uses minimal data – biNu’s patented technology is 10x faster than standard mobile browsers and uses 10x less data bandwidth.

See Worldreader Mobile in action

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Worldreader Mobile works on almost any screen size on virtually any device supporting the biNu platform. Almost any feature phone and Android smartphone will run Worldreader Mobile.