| July 22, 2011

Penguin Says Yes!


Penguin Young Readers

Worldreader is working so every child in the developing world can have any book he or she wants, using e-readers. When you step way back, you realize that there are at least three groups you need to get on-board to make that dream happen: e-reader manufacturers, book publishers, and kids.

Today’s hero is the Penguin Young Readers Group, who has just agreed to donate the use of a number of their books to Worldreader. There’s only one word to describe this: awesome. One of the world’s largest English-language publishers, Penguin (and their many imprints, including Grosset and Dunlap) is home to many of the world’s best-known children’s authors… I don’t even want to start naming them, because the list is nearly endless, but have a look here for a sample. We’re starting with books from the “Who Is / Who Was” series, including “Who Was King Tut” and “Who is Barak Obama,” which we know will be a big hit with our students in Kenya. (Must…. not… make… birth… certificate…. joke.)  Penguin joins Random House (who happens to be the world’s largest trade publisher) and some 15  African publishers, all of whom are supporting Worldreader in our mission.

And we’re just getting started.  Soon we hope to share news of some of the world’s biggest authors who are joining the movement. E-books represent an incredible opportunity to let children in the poorest countries get access to the world’s best literature, and we’re incredibly grateful to all those who are helping make that happen. So: let’s say a a huge thank-you to Penguin Young Readers Group and to all who are bringing books to all.

For a list of all the books currently available for free to Worldreader students, click here.