| April 7, 2011

Kenya’s Ministry of Education Says Yes to Worldreader!


Yesterday evening, after an amazing show of drive and tenacity, Colin and Elizabeth walked out of Kenya’s Ministry of Education with the attached letter in hand.  Now we have the official backing of the Kenyan Government who want to follow our work at The Kilgoris Project’s Intimigom School to evaluate if it can be scaled up across the country.  As we often yell in our office: Yeeeeee-Haw!

For us, this is a really big deal.  Almost exactly one year ago today, we received authorization from Ghana’s Minstry of Education to expand our work there; now we’re working with 500 students and teachers there, and we expect to expand that dramatically next school year. Now Kenya is on the same track, building on our success in Ghana and permitting us to work in partnership with both private organizations and forward-thinking governments. That’s a wonderful recipe for success.

Students at The Kilgoris Project’s Intimigom School during an e-reader training preview

We hope that someday every child in Kenya and every child in Ghana will be carrying around a library in his or her hands, and be just as inspired as Deborah and Gideon. It all starts with breakthroughs… like a single letter.