| June 13, 2014

Ghana’s North Region Gets 10,000 Life-Changing E-Books


Joseph Botwey is our Partnership Development Manager and Samuel Alomenu is our Assistant Business Development Manager and part of their job is to help launch e-reader programs in schools all over Ghana. They’ve been in the field this last week implementing e-reader programs with partnering organizations and therefore delivering thousands of e-books to children and families in need. Here’s an update Joseph wrote on the latest launch.

Worldreader in collaboration with The Savannah Education Trust launched a new project in the most remote part of Ghana. The launch happened at a school situated in the heart of the Savannah, on the border of Ghana and Burkina Faso. This is what the surroundings looked like.


The school has four teachers serving four classrooms with around 112 students in total. Infrastructure is bare but the surroundings are absolutely beautiful.

Teachers Training

To get to school, students walk 5-20 km (3-12 miles) a day. Most of the families are farmers and they live far away but on the day of the launch, they all showed up after a long morning’s work.


Before e-readers arrived, the school had an average of one textbook per class. The teachers used that textbook and students simply listened. Now the students have access to over 10,000 books. You can see how exited they are to have so books to read and enjoy. The District Chief Executive even wrote and sang a song for the occasion!

e-readerFirst glance at E-reader-2

The entire experience was wonderful and the community was extremely welcoming and happy to be able to provide their children with a world of opportunities. They were also happy to learn that Worldreader Mobile and can help the entire community read books on a device they already own: their mobile phone.

launchParents Registration
Can't hide happinesspp

This is a huge opportunity for people in the most book-deprived areas of Ghana. Thanks to all that made it possible.

letsComparing E-reader to Bag of books

P.S. This week we’re also going to the Volta Region. We are deploying another program to deliver 30,000 e-books in collaboration with Pencils of Promise. Stay tuned.

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