| June 1, 2013

Donate For Reading: Your Coins Mean More Books for Schools in Africa


June is Coins For Books Month!

Remember all that loose change we asked you to gather up? Have it handy? Know where your local U.S. Coinstar machine is? Great!

Here’s what we want you to do. It’s super easy.

Join charities Worldreader and Change Making Change fight illiteracy. Donate for reading and help us bring more books to schools in Africa so that children and their families can improve their lives.

Hurry! We only have 30 days to cash in on this great opportunity. (Wink, wink–get it? Cash in. Coins. Ka-Ching! Really, what else were you going to do with those coins collecting dust under your car seat or taking up space in a drawer you never open?)

Print this poster and tape it up at your kid’s school, near the office water cooler, in your church hall or on the community board at your favorite cafe. Share this post via Twitter, Facebook or good ole fashion email. Scrape up every spare penny, nickel, dime, quarter, fifty-cent piece or Susan B. Anthony dollar. Take a few minutes to visit a Coinstar machine.

Let’s make a world of change with all that change!

How it works:

Oh, yeah, take a picture of you, your kids, friends or co-workers hoarding up coins for #booksforall and sliding them into the Coinstar machine. Send it to comms@worldreader.org (don’t forget to tell us what city or state you’re in), and we’ll post a few the best ones on our Facebook page.