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6 Books to Help Your Child Find Their Special Word


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Positive words have the ability to inspire. With the My Special Word books, children can read uplifting stories that help them discover the strength of both words and themselves. This collection emphasizes words like courage, friendship, and kindness, and encourages young readers to choose a positive word as their guiding light. When children find the right special word for them, it grounds them in who they are.

Empowering stories that highlight motivating words like these provide a way for young readers to thrive and uncover their potential. Words like family, creativity, and harmony offer support for children as they grow, establishing foundations of empathy, ambition, and collaboration. This collection of inspiring reads highlights children’s mental well-being, making sure that they understand their uniqueness and feel special. My Special Word books emphasize social and emotional learning as well, which can help your child develop successful relationships and process their feelings in a healthy way. Each book even comes with activities for young readers to apply what they have learned in their own lives. 

With books available in both Spanish and English, children can discover their special word. Find these 6 My Special Word books and more on our BookSmart app to give your young reader the opportunity to explore their values, strengths, and ambitions. My Special Word books can encourage your child to learn about who they are and who they hope to become.

Step by Step

Step by Step by Diana Ferraro

Published by Worldreader and My Special Word

Ages 6-8

Maggie found lots of things difficult, especially new things. Every time she didn’t manage to do something right, she wanted to quit. But that was until she learned the meaning of a very special word that told her she could learn to do anything!

► Join Maggie on an adventure here.

► Leer en español aquí.

Courage The Heart of the Night

Courage, The Heart of Night by Diana Ferraro

Published by Worldreader and My Special Word

Ages 6-8

In this delightful story, David helps his pal Charlie overcome his fear of the dark by invoking his special word, “courage”.

► Find your courage here.

► Leer en español aquí.

Ahmad's Market book cover

Ahmad’s Market by Tamera Bryant

Published by Highlights

Ages 9-12

Ahmad’s Market is one of Demetriana’s favorite neighborhood places until the market is vandalized, resulting in broken windows and mean words painted on the front of the store. Afterward Mr. Ahmad bars kids from entering the store without their parents until Demetriana helps him realize it is unfair to punish everyone for the actions of a few. Read to find out how the community comes together to support the store and celebrate diversity.

► Discover the value of community here.

► Leer en español aquí.

Powered Up

Powered Up! by Mema Daisy

Published by Worldreader and My Special Word

Ages 9-12

When a snowstorm hits, the power goes out. How can Ranya and Logan play their favorite games? Luckily, Mom knows the way to power-up the kids again. No electricity or fancy gadgets needed, just special words, art, and lots of positivity!

► Light up your day here.

► Leer en español aquí.

My Special Word

My Special Word by Alison Green Myers and Dwight Smith

Published by My Special Word

Ages 0-5

“My Special Word” follows a young child on her journey to discover a word that will make her “unstoppable”. What word will she choose and how will she live that word every day?

► Follow her adventure here.

► Leer en español aquí.

Words of the World

Words of the World by Diana Ferraro

Published by Worldreader and My Special Word

Ages 6-8

Discover special words from all over the world as children from different countries talk about their special words and how they guide them. Who are you, and what is your special word?

► Learn words from around the world here.

► Leer en español aquí.

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