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9 Sports Books for Kids to Celebrate the 2024 Summer Olympics


Inspire your child to reach for new heights with these children’s sports books about sport heroes and the Olympic Games.

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The Olympics are a unique event where athletes from all over the world come together to compete in various sports. It’s a time of incredible stories, hard work, and dreams coming true. Kids can learn so much from champions like Serena Williams and Usain Bolt, including the importance of teamwork, perseverance, and celebrating different cultures.

Reading books about sports and the Olympics can spark children’s interest in learning new skills and teach them valuable life lessons. Whether it’s through tales of historic Olympic moments or fictional stories inspired by the games, these books can inspire young readers to aim high and believe in themselves. These stories often highlight the dedication and determination of athletes, showing that with hard work, community, friendship, and positivity, they can achieve their dreams.

We’ve collected some of the best children’s sports books about athletics and the Olympics on BookSmart to share with your child. They offer a wonderful way to introduce children to the excitement of the Olympics and the many positive values it represents. So, grab a book and let the adventure begin!

Sports Heroes (Black Stories Matter)

Sports Heroes (Black Stories Matter) by J.P. Miller

Published by Crabtree Publishing

Ages 9-12

Discover the courageous stories of elite Black athletes who battled prejudice and exclusion to become heroes and champions in their sport. Some have used their platform to bring attention to global, social, economic, and health issues. Others brought glory and fame to their countries. Read about such heroes in sports as boxer Muhammad Ali, tennis great Serena Williams, sprinter Usain Bolt, gymnast Simone Biles, and many more.

► Discover some of the world’s champions here.

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Teamwork (Voices Leveled Library)

Teamwork (Voices Leveled Library) by Jackson Moore

Published by Highlights

Ages 0-5

When people use teamwork, they work together to do many things, such as play sports, build, or put on a play.

► Play together here.

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Going for Gold: Brilliant Women of the Olympic Games

Going for Gold: Brilliant Women of the Olympic Games by Emma Roberts

Published by Worldreader

Ages 9-12

Going for Gold celebrates the incredible achievements of 30 brilliant women from 17 different countries who made history in the Olympic Games. The sportswomen featured in this book include world-famous figures like Simone Biles and Serena Wiliams as well as pioneers such as Nawal El Moutawakel, the first Muslim Olympic Medalist in Los Angeles 1984, and athletes with phenomenal life stories, like Yusra Mardini from the Refugee Team in Rio 2016.

► Join powerful athletes here.

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The Paralympic Games (Voices Leveled Library)

The Paralympic Games (Voices Leveled Library) by Vickey Herald

Published by Highlights

Ages 9-12

The book introduces readers to the Paralympic Games, the Olympic Games for the best athletes in the world living with a disability. Athletes who are blind, have limb differences, or use wheelchairs are able to compete in sports that are just as competitive as those at the Olympic Games.

► Learn about the best in the world here.

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Shooting Stars (The Four Friends Series)

Shooting Stars (The Four Friends Series) by Liz Gifford and Clare Hanbury

Published by Worldreader and Children for Health

Ages 9-12

Shooting Stars is a story about girls supporting each other to participate in sports. It’s about how they overcome their feelings of shame for wanting to play volleyball and are helped by Camille, a professional volleyball player who inspires the girls and their school community. The girls learn that through sport they can develop their self-confidence and life skills as well as having a lot of fun together.

► Aim high here.

Stan's Olympic Plans (Read with Highlights)

Stan’s Olympic Plans (Read with Highlights) by K.L. Pickett

Published by Highlights

Ages 9-12

Stan wants to participate in the Olympics, but he keeps getting hurt when he tries different sports. Later he decides to become a sports doctor at the Olympics instead.

► Find strength everywhere here.

Never Give Up

Never Give Up by Nicholas Dozier

Published by Young Authors Publishing

Ages 6-8

Nick plays basketball and football, but when he’s injured in a game, it looks like he might not be able to play either sport ever again. Nick learns that one of his sports heroes overcame a bad injury, and went on to play in the NBA again. This is the motivation Nick needs. Through hard work and training, he gets back into shape. But is it enough to get him back on the basketball team?

► Discover the power of trying here.

BMX (Cool Sports)

BMX (Cool Sports) by Aaron Carr

Published by Lightbox Learning

Ages 0-8

Flips, tricks, and big air are just a few of the exciting topics covered in Cool Sports. This book introduces beginning readers to the gravity-defying world of BMX riding.

► Ride along here.

What a Pro Knows: Playing to Win (Read with Highlights)

What a Pro Knows: Playing to Win (Read with Highlights) by Christine Louise Hohlbaum

Published by Highlights

Ages 6-8

Tamika Catchings shows true sportsmanship and talent in the game of basketball despite her disability and gives some of her tips for life in general.

► Get taught by a pro here.

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