My Special Word

A story-based approach to social-emotional learning

My Special Word Collection

Help the children in your classroom or home explore the power of special words. Go on adventures with Charlie as he uses COURAGE to spend the night in his tent, with Rachel as she uses BASKETBALL to realize she is full of perseverance, and Alejandra as she becomes EMPOWERED to make her neighborhood a better place.

The idea is that we can create a conversation in a non-intimidating fashion. I believe in general that if we change the words we use, we can change the conversations. If we change the conversations, we can change behaviors. And if we change behaviors, we can change the world. – Mr. Dwight Smith, Co-founder, My Special Word


Bring the My Special Word collection to life with these lesson plans.

my special word collection Lesson for ages 3 to 5 year olds

My Special Word Lesson Plans – Ages 3-5


my special word lesson 1 for ages 6 to 8

My Special Word Lesson Plans – Ages 6-8


my special word lesson 1 for ages 9-12

My Special Word Lesson Plans – Ages 9-12


The power of words

Learn about the collection and explore the books with Dwight Smith, Co-founder of My Special Word.

The My Special Word Collection

Powered Up! Presented by Dwight Smith

Words of the World presented by Dwight Smith 

Dwight Smith presents What’s My Word

screenshot of My special word book collection

Worldreader and SEL

Worldreader’s programming, collections and activities support social-emotional learning as well as literacy skills.

Our all-in-one reading app BookSmart is designed to help readers learn beyond books and bring the lessons they find in stories into the real world. Our books include play-based activities to complete at school and at home to inspire action and build comprehension as well as SEL skills. Booksmart’s built-in prompts provide emotional support for caretakers and educators when discussing texts.

We use CASEL 5 as the framework for our SEL activities and materials, focusing on:

. Self-awareness
. Social awareness
. Responsible decision-making
. Self-management
. Relationship skills