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The Worldreader mobile app offers thousands of e-books to more readers around the world, most of them based in Africa. Worldreader sources books from local publishers across the developing world. The books are free to the end-users and Worldreader covers the cost of obtaining, curating, and digitizing the book content.

Every year, a significant part of Worldreader’s overall budget goes to digitizing and adding new content to our library. To further improve our offering and support more local publishing partners, we have created Worldreader Sponsored Collections.

Sponsored Collections enable Worldreader to support local publishers to make their high-quality content freely accessible to more readers and across larger regions. At the same time, Sponsored Collections enable our donors and funding partners to play a part in helping readers build a better world.


The Worldreader Team has selected a number of themes based on what is popular with our readers. These new collections will be created to ensure continuous user engagement and high visibility of the sponsored content for the sponsor. The key themes are listed below:

  • Inspirational: get inspired, overcoming challenges, creative impulse, and weekend inspiration.
  • Short stories and quick reads: cafe reads, tea time books, and coffee quick reads.
  • Escape based stories: vacation reads, summer relax, and my nightstand books.
  • Country and regionally based stories: windows on the world, passport to the world, and explore Africa.
  • Age group based books: young, wild and free, and mentorship center.

To keep the content offering fresh, Worldreader will offer sponsors the ability to associate themselves with a particular topic of interest. By adopting a topic, a sponsor will ensure that any book collection related to the sponsor’s topic would be associated with their brand.

Curation Process

Worldreader will share a list of titles to be featured in the Sponsored Collection, and the sponsoring partner will be able to review the suggested books and authors. The final choice of titles will be made by Worldreader’s Content Team depending on availability and the overall needs of the library


Sponsored Collections will appear in the Collections tab on the Worldreader app for a period of up to 12 months. Occasionally, Sponsored Collections could be promoted elsewhere throughout the application.

Additionally, books selected to be part of a sponsored collection may appear independently on third-party platforms (out of the collection) and may have a mention of the Sponsored Collection in the book details page. For example, “This book is a part of the Coffee Quick Reads Collection on the Worldreader app.” Lastly, Worldreader will occasionally promote the sponsored book collection through push notifications.

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If you are interested in sponsoring a book collection on Worldreader and helping to bring the magic of books to more readers, please contact us.