BookSmart: Premium Collection for MENA

The premium BookSmart collection contains 120 engaging, high-quality books for children ages 0 to 12 years. Carefully curated, the books support the reading development of children and closely align with regional and national learning outcomes. They can be read online or offline to save data.

The collection includes books from local and international publishers, including Alhodhud, Asala Publishers, Dar Al Yasmine Publishing, Jabal Amman Publishers, Kalimat, and Kitabna.

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Books for learning and growth

The premium collection includes a variety of books to meet the learning and socio-emotional needs of pre-primary and primary students:

  • For pre-primary children, the collection includes picture books, wordless books, and books that teach concepts and improve vocabulary.
  • For primary school students, books reinforce developing skills in letter and sound association.
  • For children able to tackle more complex texts, the collection includes fiction and non-fiction that help children progress academically while learning about the world around them.
  • For all ages, storybooks help parents and children explore emotions, fears, or dreams. During stressful times, reading stories for pleasure, discovery, or escape is an important way to support children.

الْبِطِّيخَةُ الْعِمْلاقَةُ / The Giant Watermelon


ﻛَﻠِﻤﺎتُ اﻟﻌَﺼﺎﻓﻴﺮ/ The Bird Words


قِصَصُ إِسْرَاءَ / Esraa’s Stories


International / English

These bilingual books are a great tool for helping children learn a new language. They make it easier for families to enjoy reading aloud together and strengthening second-language acquisition through the introduction of new words and sounds.

Family and Friends

These colourful children’s books show and celebrate all types of families and friends.  They teach children about the importance of caring for and loving ones family, and will help parents talk to their children about what it means to be a good friend.

انْتَظِري قَليلاً يا ماما

Asala Publishers

مدبِّرة منزلنا الأجنبيِّة

Asala Publishers

مَن سَرَق فَطيرَة العَسَل؟

Asala Publishers

الدجاجة الصغيرة

Asala Publishers

حُكومَةُ الغَابَة

Asala Publishers

لا تَذْهَبْ بَعيدًا


البُحَيرةُ التِي عَاشَتْ فِيها الضَّفَادِع



These books teach children about the natural world. Children will be introduced to plants, animals, and rocks.

Tales and Adventure

These exciting adventure books are packed with a variety of diverse plots and characters. They include fantasy, mystery, animal adventures, and more. Children will learn to think creatively and develop a sense of curiosity for exploring the world around them. 


Dar Al Yasmine Publishing

أين اختبأ الديناصور؟

Dar Al Yasmine Publishing

سنة حلوة يا ظريف

Dar Al Yasmine Publishing

فوق السطح

Dar Al Yasmine Publishing


Asala Publishers


Asala Publishers

العاب فتونة

Asala Publishers

عَائِلَةُ الْقِطّ


My feelings

Every child handles feelings differently, but learning to deal with them is an important part of growing up. This category helps children explore emotions, such as sadness, jealousy, fear, curiosity and more, in a safe way. 

Brought to you by local and international publishers

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A premium collection of
120 books

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