BookSmart: Premium Collection for East Africa

The premium BookSmart collection contains 200 engaging, high-quality books for children ages 3 to 12 years. Carefully curated, the books support the reading development of children and closely align with regional and national learning outcomes. They can be read online or offline to save data.

The collection includes books from local and international publishers, including Longhorn Publishers, Ubongo International, East African Educational Publishers, Storymoja, and Booktalk Africa Ltd.

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Books for learning and growth

The premium collection includes a variety of books to meet the learning and socio-emotional needs of pre-primary and primary students:

  • For pre-primary children, the collection includes picture books, wordless books, and books that teach concepts and improve vocabulary.
  • For primary school students, books reinforce developing skills in letter and sound association.
  • For children able to tackle more complex texts, the collection includes fiction and non-fiction that help children progress academically while learning about the world around them.
  • For all ages, storybooks help parents and children explore emotions, fears, or dreams. During stressful times, reading stories for pleasure, discovery, or escape is an important way to support children.

Action Words

Longhorn Publishers

How are you?

Kidza Books

My Cookbook

Kidza Books

Fun Learning Concepts

These books help children learn colors, numbers, shapes, and the alphabet with fun illustrations. Children will also improve their memory and motor skills, preparing them for future learning.

Health & Wellbeing

Young children will learn about their physical, mental, and emotional health. This category includes social-emotional learning books that help children explore their emotions in a safe way.

David gets Fit

Queenex Publishers

No Secrets, Only Surprises

Queenex Publishers

Malaika and the wheelchair

Longhorn Publishers

Look at Me

WordAlive Publishers (Booktalk Africa)


WordAlive Publishers (Booktalk Africa)

My Health

East African Educational Publishers

Nature & Science

These books teach children about the natural world. Children will be introduced to plants, animals, and rocks.

Language Arts

These books help reinforce language development, including fluency and comprehension, in young children. They include rhyming stories and books with repeated pattern sounds that children can enjoy practicing. 

I Have A Dream

Booktalk Africa Ltd

My Birthday

Kidza Books

Best Friends

WordAlive Publishers (Booktalk Africa)

Kiddies International Band

East African Educational Publishers

My Colours

East African Educational Publishers

Peak Primary School Atlas

Treasure Books


Other Fiction & Nonfiction

The fiction books in this category tell stories of love, mystery, adventure, and fantasy. The non-fiction books include a broad range of stories based in fact, so children can broaden their horizons and learn more about their favorite topics.


These storybooks for young children include colorful illustrations and artwork to support storylines. Many of the stories have a moral concept or theme that help children develop important values.

The Road

East African Press

Our Trees

East African Press

I can see



Mountain Top Publishers

Mwanza’s Wonderland


Gumba goes on a Safari


Social Studies

These books deal with human relationships and the way society works. They help children gain a better understanding of the world around them by introducing topics such as civics, history, and geography.

Brought to you by local and international publishers

We work with the best publishing partners to bring the right books to our readers.

A premium collection of
200 books

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