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BookSmart: Free Book Collection
for Children

Browse the categories and select books from BookSmart’s free base collection. These books support the learning and socio-emotional development of children ages 3 to 12 years. The collection includes books in Arabic, English, Hindi, and Spanish. Books can be read online or offline to save on data costs.

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Hello, My Name Is Coronavirus

Adapted from

Bunty and Bubbly

Adapted from African Storybook


Step and Wash for COVID-19

Adapted from African Storybook

Health & the Coronavirus

Using colorful illustrations and engaging storylines, these books help young children understand what Corona virus is and how children can protect themselves and others from getting sick.

More Health & Wellbeing

Young children will learn about their physical, mental, and emotional health. This category includes social emotional learning books that help children explore their emotions in a safe way. 

No Secrets, Only Surprises

Queenex Publishers

East Africa

حرارة جود



Forgiveness and Compassion

Dolphin Press


Mary at the Amazon Rainforest

Same-Woode Publishers

West Africa

¡A bucear!

Pratham Books


Nature & Science

These books teach children about our natural earth. Children will be introduced to features of our physical world such as plants, animals, and rocks.

Language Arts

These books help reinforce language development, including fluency and comprehension, in young children. They include rhyming stories and books with repeated pattern sounds that children can enjoy practicing. 


I Have A Dream

Booktalk Africa Ltd

East Africa

The Adventures of the Wishing-Chair

Hodder Children’s Books (Hachette Children’s Group)

West Africa

Alpha Betty Soup

Mellanie Bauslaugh


Abla Poku

Sub Saharan

West Africa

La reina trotamundos en China

Editorial Casals


Savitri, the Teaching Queen

Queen Girls Publications


Social Studies

These books deal with human relationships and the way society works. They help children gain a better understanding of the world around them by introducing topics such as civics, history, and geography.


Storybooks for young children with colorful illustrations and artwork to support storylines. Many of the stories have a moral concept or theme that help children develop important values.

The Wild Robot

Piccadilly Press

East Africa

लाल छतरी / The Red

Tulika Publishers


سامح يقول أنا آسف




Colours in My Poems

Shabaviz Publishing Company


Five Chicks and a Mango



Fun Learning Concepts

These books that help children learn colors, numbers, shapes, and the alphabet with fun illustrations. Children will also improve their memory and motor skills, preparing them for future learning.