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We are grateful to our supporters
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We are grateful to these individuals and families who have supported Worldreader’s mission to help readers build a better world. To see a list of our institutional supporters and partners, please visit this page.

Recently, Worldreader has received an outpouring of support and kind messages from the friends of former CEO of Simon & Schuster, Carolyn Reidy, including more than 50 donations made in her memory. We are grateful for these gifts that will advance Carolyn’s vision of sharing books with millions of readers. To learn more about how Carolyn supported Worldreader over the years, please read this note from our Co-founder and CEO, David Risher, Remembering Carolyn Reidy.

Our most recent
online donors

Nalorm Tay-Agbozo
Seth Husby
John David Risher
tom beisner
Antonio Delgado Planás
Japhet Mwambene
Aaron Challenner
Nicholas Lovejoy
Christine Gentes
Jessica Blanchard
Mark Kellenbeck
Vasileios Papakonstantinou
John & Martha Stewart
Robert Genovese
Virginie Guth bouquins malins asbl
Virginie Guth bouquins malins asbl
Lisa Freeman
Jordan Carlson
Dominic Philip
vivek bidwai
Ed pequignot
David and michelle Shuey
John Hradnansky
Clarissa Marques
Dimitri Dadiomov
Caleb Mason
Cameron Turner
B. Kim Barnes
Adrian Zackheim
Joseph Clair
IoLa L. Thomas
Ben Andoh
Jean Wagener
Shawn Chereskin
Anthony Marx
Rachel Sommer
Colleen Crabb
Roy Swan
Josh Schweitzer
Ruth Reiner
Carrie Reid
Sabrina AbreuGonzalez
Colin McElwee
Danielle Robins
Niels Sundermeyer
Christopher Rovero
Stacey Castro
stuart jameson
Lucy Hattingh

* Denotes multi-year pledges. Worldreader sends our deepest thanks to donors who have committed unrestricted multi-year support to sustain our growth and impact for years to come.

Updated February 2020

The Epic Circle

$500,000 – $1,000,000 and above

Chris Capossela and Leigh Toner*

Jennifer and David Risher*

Karen Van Dusen and Joel Spiegel*

Andrew and Elana Jassy*

Tod and Allison Nielsen*

Peter and April Spiro*

Cynthia and Steve Hammer*

Otis and Elizabeth Chandler*

Skip and Kimberly Klintworth

Jeffrey and Liesl Wilke*

Charles and Lorie Brighton*

Sue and Duff Sanderson

The Anthology Circle

$250,000 – $499,999

Kate James and Hans Bishop

Mike Sundermeyer and Cari Anderson*

Star Lerach

Harrison Miller and Clare McCamy

Donna and Matt Bellew*

Peter and Elisabetta Mallinson*

The Novel Circle

$100,000 – $249,999

David and Nancy Thacher

Dana Johnson and Mark Nelson*

Lauri and Greg Nakamoto*

LJ Ross

Carolyn Kroll Reidy and Stephen Reidy

Larry Hitchon and Dana Reid*

Kartik Raghavan*

Sudha Neelakantan & Venky Harinarayan

The Poetry Circle

$25,000 – $99,999

Brad Horwitz

Lisa Nitze

Neil Roseman and Rose Tatlow*

Adam Bosworth*

Steve and Heather Murch

Kirk and Neen Koenigsbauer*

Pam Fleischer

Bill and Lynn Carr*

Paul Maritz

Steve Kessel and Sibyl Frankenburg

Cintra Pollack

Richard and Kathie Dalzell

Craig and Susan Bruya

Lisa Brummel and Celeste Keaton

Diego Piacentini and Monica Nicoli

Tim Bunting

Stephanie and Jim Gamble

David Zapolsky and Lynn Hubbard

Timothy and Jennifer Kingston

Claire Joy

Adam Gross*

Alan and Vic Caplan*

Don and Barb Niemann

Fraser and Deirdre Black*

David Dominguez

John and Jessica Fullerton

Brad and Jan Silverberg

Robert Short and Emer Dooley

Google Inc. Employee Giving

Jennifer Hanner

Charles Phillips

Tom Alberg and Judi Beck


$10,000 – $24,999

John and Martha Stewart

Josh Schweitzer and Mary Sue Milliken

Colin McElwee

Brewster Kahle

Brad and Alys Smith

Richard. Ward and Cheryl Capriola

Ann and Brian Roberts*

Alison and David Rich*

John Jameson

David Thomson and Judy Jesiolowski

Frida Kumar

Lucia Halpern

Quentin and Malissa Clark

Jeff and Laura Shell

Andrea Pollack

Paul Van der Wansem

Carol Risher

Stan Rosenzweig

Rob Walsh

Martin Nye*

Juanita Baker

Amanda Jones

Bill and Gus Gurley

Gregory and Elisabeth Fowler

Matthew E. Russell Foundation


$5,000 – $9,999

Deborah Yeh and Mark Risher

Jose Ignacio Zabaleta

Brad and Rachel Greenwald

Frances and Mac Merenda

Emily Laliberte

Marguerite Thompson

Keith Edwards

Richard and Kristin Saada

Megan and Fred Eiden

Tamra Myers

Elizabeth and Olof Carmel

Survey Monkey

Heidi and Sean Williams

Zibby Owens

Pamela Bynum

Greg Hart

Autumn Schwed

Gina Centrello

Lindsay and Patti Eberts

Julie Tafel Klaus

Henrik Jones

Les Hinmon

Marshall Loeb

Nigel Ellis

Sven and Cheryl & Sven Pole

Kosmo Kalliarekos

Michele Balfour and Raffiq Nathoo

Catherine Stocker

George and Cherry Snelling

Mary Bacher

Justin Anderson


$2,500 – $4,999

Patti and Lindsey Paxton

Jed and Sarah Nussdorf

David and Freda Lightfoot

Elyse Wright

Greg and Lynn Baugher

Greg and Corina Linden

Brian and Carrie Pratt

Stephen and Zorinne Schwartz

Richard and Katherine Todd

Ajay Kalhan and Sushma Verma

Paul Flessner

Balan Sethu Raman

Sameet Agarwal

Shawn and Amanda Bice

Christian Kleinerman

Praveen Seshadri

Jeff Glauber

Jacquie Labatt

Salesforce Foundation

Liz Nichols

Jim and Kim Ambach

Ruth Sorby

Darla Flanagan

Andrew Sigal

Peter and Donna Bladin

Lori and Ron Saxon

Gravy Live


$1,000 – $2,499

Alan and Vic Caplan

Deborah Yeh and Mark Risher

Greg Hart

Jodie Jones and Leland Rockoff

Michel Roger Goffin

Steve and Heather Murch

Angela Reynar

Elizabeth and Olof Carmel

Greg Linden

Joseph Synk

Peter Orth

Taleb Salhab

Carol Risher

Frances and Mac Merenda

Haroula Kosmatos and David Fildes

Juanita Baker

Richard Ward and Cheryl Capriola

Tamra Myers

Catherine Stocker

Gabe Tsuboyama

Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

Kevin Phaup

Sean and Heidi Williams

Walter Baddoo

Christina Vrachnos

George and Cherry Snelling

Jane and Max Slade

Kim Rachmeler

Sherry and Edward Guy

Thank you for helping readers build a better world.

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