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Top 2023 Books Read by Worldreaders


Check out some of our favorite stories on BookSmart from our staff around the world!

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If there’s one thing we love at Worldreader, it’s books! That’s why this holiday season, we’ve collected some of our favorite books for you to read with your family. Our staff from all over the world have shared the BookSmart stories that inspire them the most so we can spread the joy of reading.

Stories are a great way to share the magic of community, culture, and compassion. From friendship to self-confidence, a good book can get children dreaming about what they want to do and who they want to be. This invaluable gift makes reading the best present for any parents and children looking to learn!

With this wonderful selection of books, we hope you can spend time reading with your family and friends. Check out six of our favorite stories below and get reading on BookSmart. Books are one of the best presents you can give – children gain knowledge and skills that help them dream big and prepare them for the future.

*Please note that not all books are available worldwide.


Manager, US Content Acquisition, United States

Kimmy Booth, Jungle Sleuth: The Case of the Missing Roof!

Kimmy Booth, Jungle Sleuth: The Case of the Missing Roof! by Weslie Lechner

Published by Worldreader Originals

Ages 3-8

Join Kimmy Booth, a seven-year-old jungle sleuth, as she solves the mystery of the missing roof. With the help of her jungle friends and some clever detective work, Kimmy discovers the unlikely culprits and teaches us a few interesting facts about insects along the way. Prepare for an adventurous and heartwarming tale that will leave you craving cookies and lemonade!

► Follow a new friend as she figures the mystery out here.


Manager, Content Acquisitions & Programs, Ghana

Skilled like Sadio

Skilled like Sadio by Akua Serwaa Amankwah

Published by Worldreader Originals

Ages 6-8

Mona’s family is traveling to Tamale for the holidays. She isn’t looking forward to the trip, but it turns out to be the best vacation ever. Follow along as Mona discovers a passion for football on this incredible journey.

► Join Mona on a joyful journey here.


Associate Director, Program and Operations CreceLee, Peru

Madison and the Two Wheeler

Madison and the Two Wheeler by Dr. Vanita Braver

Published by Star Bright Books

Ages 6-8

Madison wants to ride her bike without training wheels. After her first fall, she loses confidence but her family urges her to keep trying. Will she ever learn to ride her two-wheeler?

► Ride along with Madison here.

► Leer en español aquí.


Director, India Programs & Partnerships, India

The Rabbit in the Moon

The Rabbit in the Moon by Indrani Krishnaier

Published by Tulika Publishers

Ages 6-8

When a herd of elephants creates trouble in the jungle, do the little rabbits run away in fear? No! Illustrations are based on the Pithora folk style of central India, deriving from cave art.

► Read about the rabbit here.

*This book is only available in India.


Director, US Programs, US

The Story of You by Lisa Ann Scott

Published by Astra Young Readers (Astra Publishing House)

Ages 6-8

No one can tell you who you are—it’s all up to you! You write your story with your actions and words.

► Discover who you are here.


Director, Partnerships & Services, Kenya

Dunk it like Durant

Dunk it like Durant by Joelle Edouard

Published by Worldreader Originals

Ages 6-8

“Dunk It Like Durant” is the inspiring tale of Jada’s transformative summer vacation. Initially disappointed by her family’s change of plans, she stumbles upon the world of basketball through her cousin Gabe. As she learns the game’s intricacies and proves herself on the court, Jada’s summer becomes a story of unexpected self-discovery and newfound passion.

► Jump into a world of sports here.

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