| May 10, 2011

Sara’s Trip to Kenya – Part 1


Sara- our winner

There’s just five hours to go for a dream five years in the making!

I was checking my bags one more time before leaving the US headed towards Kilgoris, Kenya to work with Worldreader, when I was struck by the realization that this is a dream which really started five years ago and what a blessing the journey has been.

In 2006, I heard through my daughter’s preschool teacher that a local group was looking for people to travel outside of Mombasa where they would spend the summer working with Kenyan orphans.  I REALLY wanted to go, but my own kids were small and we could not afford the financial or time commitment. Since placing the dream on the back burner, I’ve been a technology trainer in schools, developed a love for global literacy and started a Kindle initiative in a local school.

So what about today? After winning the trip sponsored by eDreams from Worldreader,  it is evident those five years are going to be critical to working in Kenya.  I’m super excited to meet Zev and Tina in Nairobi where we will be working  to get the Kindles ready for the Kenya pilot project. This venture is an exciting partnership between Worldreader and The Kilgoris Project. In Kilgoris we will be training teachers how to use the Kindles and navigate the books and how to administer reading assessments. I have been stunned by the generosity and kindness of everyone involved in these projects!

I am nervous about traveling so far from home, excited to meet new people, but mostly I just feel blessed.  Looking forward to sharing the adventure.



A note from Worldreader:

After Sara won, and we talked to her over the phone, we quickly realized that she was perfect for helping out with teacher training in Kenya- she is professionally trained in this!  Initially she was going to help out with reading exercises with iRead in Ghana, but we asked her what she thought about helping teacher training in Kenya.  Sara, as you’ll soon learn, is a real sport and was thrilled at the challenge.  During the next 10 days, we’ll hear all about Zev, Tina, and Sara’s experience there.  A huge thanks to eDreams for bringing Sara to us!