| December 14, 2012

Holiday Hope…Not Just For the Holidays


As we decompress after the frenzy of the recent Chase Giving Awards, look back on this year’s achievements and plan for the 2013, we’re reminded of two simple things: Education empowers people. Without literacy, education efforts stall.

Worldreader’s mission to bring e-books to the developing world means young women like Gloria Emefa Dogbey, a high school student in Ghana, can find her voice. In the essay she wrote below, you can feel her passion and determination to affect change. You can already sense that she will be an incredible woman set on improving her life and helping her community. Can you imagine her one day delivering a speech to girls and women everywhere, empowering others around her?  We can.

We can’t help but ask another question, though: Where would life lead Gloria without books or without an education? It’s a scary thought shaded by limited options. Let’s not linger on that too long.

Since this time of year lends itself to reflection, read Gloria’s essay and hear the hope in her words. Her hope is what carries us all forward.

Gloria Emefa Dogbey: Why women should be educated

There is a saying that “When you educate a man, you’ve educated an individual, but if you educate a woman, you’ve educated the whole nation.”

Education can be defined as the process of human learning where knowledge is imparted, faculties are trained and skills are developed for the betterment of the individual and society. From the above definition, it means education is needed in one’s life for knowledge, skills and faculty. It is also an enlightening experience.

Gone are the days when we say women belong to the kitchen and men in the school. It’s never been true. A woman has been behind every successful man, another famous saying reminds us.

It’s high time for women to take the floor and seize the opportunity to rise very high on the social ladder. Education+ Girls equals STRENGTH and FREEDOM.

There are many reasons as to why women should be educated. Protecting fundamental human rights cannot be over-emphasized, so far as the topic is concerned. Because of non-education, the right of women in the society and the nation as a whole is being infringed upon daily. Women lack the knowledge and strategies to defend themselves, even if they are right, for this saying is very true, too ”lack of knowledge, my people perish.” Women must be educated so they can defend and fight for the rights of their sisters.

Another important reason is to have educated women who will occupy big positions in the country, especially in politics. It will never be a seven-day wonder, seeing a female ruling and leading this great country. For example, for the first time in our nation’s history, an educated woman named Adeline Joyce Bamford Addo is the speaker of parliament, and Georgina Wood serves as our chief justice.

Additionally, women must be educated to enter the job market. Women are hardworking, intelligent and have great foresight. They are suited for any high position involving the development of the nation.

From all these points, it can never be overruled that women should not be educated. We all need one person or the other to develop this nation. And, as the saying goes, educating a nation begins with educating women.

“If you educate a woman, you’ve educated the whole nation,” writes Gloria, citing a well-known saying. Help educate girls and bring more e-books to schools in Africa by clicking on this picture.