| April 4, 2014

A Book About Angels & Dogs by Aminatta Forna To Inspire Young Minds to Read


Aminatta Forna

Worldreader has teamed up with an award-winning author on an exciting project! Over the past month we’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with celebrated writer, Aminatta Forna who has written four novels, one of which, The Memory of Love, won the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize Best Book Award.

Aminatta has graciously decided to share her latest novella, The Angel of Mexico City, a heart-warming children’s story about overcoming hardship, with thousands of young readers in our programs who are eager to fall in love with reading– a perfect book to get them hooked! Proceeds of the book sales will aid our programs and the Rogbonko Village School Trust.

The Angel of Mexico City

Aminatta Forna’s background is as diverse as her many awards. She was born in Scotland, raised in Sierra Leone and Britain and spent periods of her childhood in Iran, Thailand and Zambia. Aminatta resides in London but keeps close ties with her roots in Sierra Leone where she started the Robongko Village School Trust– a project that has surpassed its initial task of building a school and grown into a series of initiatives to fight poverty with education, infrastructure and health.

The Angel of Mexico City is already available on Amazon for everyone to enjoy. If you are an author interested in donating your book to Worldreader, contact us at publishing@worldreader.org.

We’re sure Aminatta’s latest book will touch readers, young and old, the world over. Thank you Aminatta!