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What is a Worldreader Chapter?

A Worldreader chapter is comprised of supporters and volunteers passionate about creating a literate world and committed to helping Worldreader raise funds and build global awareness. Members of a Worldreader chapter organize events such as benefit concerts, dinner parties, gala events, sports tournaments, book presentations, lead us to new partnerships and represent Worldreader within their communities. If you’re interested in starting a Chapter in your city or country, contact

About the Dutch Chapter

Our aim is to engage Dutch communities to support the mission and vision of Worldreader. Through our campaigns, we will enable initiatives to combat global illiteracy and we want you to join us on our journey. To get in touch with us, send an e-mail to

Meet the Leaders


Beth Massa.
Beth Massa is an American expat permanently residing in the Netherlands. She as 16 years’ experience in e-commerce and digital communications. In 2011, Beth discovered Worldreader and never stopped thinking about staying involved. When the team told her that international chapters were needed, she asked her friends with top-notch experience, education, commitment, and heart to join the cause. They all said, “Yes,” and the Netherlands Worldreader chapter was born.


Erika Harriford-McLaren.
Erika Harriford-McLaren lives in the Netherlands with her Australian husband and two daughters. Although a licensed attorney, she has followed her passion for words (and wanderlust) and developed a career as a communications professional in Amsterdam. While her experience spans a wide-range of industries (branding, law, market research, academia and non-profit management), her passion lies in human rights – with a particular focus on children’s and women’s rights. Working with Worldreader allows her to be a part of the positive change she wants to see in the world. What could be better than that?


Michael Massa.
Michael Massa is an Irish and American citizen permanently residing in the Netherlands. Before studying law he took a degree in electrical engineering, an experience which instilled in him the profound faith that technology can improve lives. In working with Worldreader’s Dutch chapter, he is excited about helping to apply technology as a cornerstone of education, thereby empowering some of our world’s most avid readers.


Ernst-Jan van Batenburg.
Ernst-Jan van Batenburg has over 15 years of professional experience, particularly in the telecommunications industry, and he has been involved in commercializing emerging technologies such as mobile communications and broadband services. Ernst-Jan’s world class education on three different continents has laid the foundation for his current activities in strategic marketing and innovation management. He has been an active member of Rotary for many years and served a term as President of Rotary Amsterdam Westertoren. Ernst-Jan’s deep interest in technology and education, and his innate drive to help create a better future for all, has made him commit to Worldreader.


Ingeborg Lewis.
Ingeborg Lewis graduated from Leiden University, where she studied fiscal law. She works as an international tax adviser at a multinational accountancy firm. Worldreader has touched her deeply. She has had a passion for reading since her youth; being able to read about other people’s lives, fantasies, and experiences, stimulated her to follow her ambitions. “Reading taught me about major possibilities outside my direct living environment, and helped me escape difficult times in a positive way.” She hopes other people will be able to benefit from reading as she did.


Sara Douwes graduated.
Sara Douwes graduated at the Dutch Vrije Universiteit in the Netherlands, where she studied International Business Law. Over the last decade Sara has been working in the financial services industry as commercial- and managing director. Sara joined the Dutch Worldreader chapter after being part of a worldwide charity club for several years in addition to various independent philanthropic projects. “I`m very excited about Worldreader and the added value we can contribute from The Netherlands to. Reading is the start of more than just a story.”


Next events

Sara, Erika and Michael are running the Amsterdam half marathon on October 18! Please support them with donations, or join in the race with them to raise funds for Worldreader!

Go here to sign up or donate.

How to donate

If there are no upcoming events, we welcome with deep gratitude donations given at any time.

You can donate by bank transfer, using the details below:

Account: Stichting Jazi – Worldreader Fund
IBAN: NL95ABNA0622895214

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