Transcript “Voices of Reading from Worldreader” Video

(Veronica Adhiambo, student)
“When I go to school I don’t have to carry many books. I can use even the ereader. The ereader is easy to carry but the books are very heavy.”

(Judith Owiny, Head Teacher, Kirembe School, Kisumu, Kenya)
“This thing has so many advantages against what we are using currently. The e-reader has 300 books in it. You carry it just in your hands. The books here with the weather don’t last as long. Instead of buying more storybooks, you bring in more through the technology that you have there.”

(Lawrence K. Najdi, Chairman, Kenya Publi)
“A country like ours, where most of the population live below a dollar a day and most books cost about four or five dollars. And suddenly we are able to avail thousands of books, costing much lower, maybe cents, then that makes a big difference especially to the education system.”

“The education is important to me in live because I would like to be a teacher. If you would like to be a teacher you should go to a college of teachers. So reading is important to me!”

Three voices on the future of reading.