Transcript “Two Students in Ghana Learn with Worldreader E-Readers” Video

Two students in Worldreader’s e-reader program in Ghana describe what they want to be when they grow up. By providing books to them and their friends, we’re helping them achieve their dreams.

“My name is Deborah and I am very happy to have the ereader. (Reading) “My friend I am always ready to help you out of difficulties.”

500 children in Ghana have e-readers.

“My family is very happy about the e-reader.”

With Worldreader, Deborah can choose her future.

“I want to learn hard, I want to become a medical doctor in the future.”

“My name is Gideon Okyere Darkwa. We have a library at the red parks so when I go there I go and take books. I’ll be reading it when it is 5 o’clock, then I come back home. Come help my mother.”

Every night before he goes to bed he reads.

“I like reading because reading helps me to speak good English. With this e-reader, it can help me become footballer in future.”

Gideon’s wish

“I’m very grateful to this machine, and hope that this machine will improve my learning. And I pray that other schools shall have some so that they will be like me, in future.”

Make Gideon’s wish come true. Worldreader.