People | February 22, 2024

This Dad Gets Girls Reading


In Kenya, a father is helping his two young girls learn to read to give them the opportunities they need to thrive in the future.

Dad reading with two girls

Setting children up for success takes time, energy, and resources. This is especially true for girls, many of whom do not have access to the same reading and educational opportunities as their peers. That’s why it’s crucial for caregivers to read with their girls at home to give them a head start. Mothers, however, are too often primary caregivers and bear the brunt of educational support. But fathers can and should support their child’s development – check out this dad’s approach, for example.

For Felix and his daughters Abigael and Dorcas in Nairobi, Kenya, BookSmart is helping the young girls grow. “BookSmart was introduced to us when we really needed it. I have seen a remarkable improvement in my daughters’ reading confidence,” says Felix. It’s transforming the way they spend time together as a family, and giving the girls valuable skills and confidence in themselves.

Felix works hard to ensure his daughters get the resources they need to thrive. When he’s not at his construction job, he’s spending time with Abigael and Dorcas to teach them to read.

The girls’ passion for reading was sparked by the learning materials provided on BookSmart. With the family’s under-resourced background, it was difficult to find enough books for the girls to read – especially for Abigael, who longed for more stories. When they were introduced to Worldreader’s free digital library, however, their lives changed. Abigael’s reading skills grew as the family spent time reading together on the couch.

With access to reading, Felix envisions a bright future for his daughters. Dorcas, who will soon join Grade 1, is excited about the possibilities that the world holds.

“Reading on BookSmart has become my new hobby because I did not have a lot of activities to do in the house outside helping my mother with simple chores. Nowadays, I do not get bored because I aim to finish all the books on the app. I have really grown fond of the books that feature the character Little Lion such as Good Food Makes Me Strong and What Do You Like to Do?’’

8-year-old Abigael

Families open the door for girls to reach their potential. When caregivers read with their children, they provide them with the abilities and opportunities they need to succeed in school and life. With the support of their families and BookSmart, we can get girls reading and empower them to change the world.

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