Digital Reading, Library | September 8, 2023

Worldreader Honored with Prestigious Library of Congress Literacy Award


September 8, 2023 – San Francisco, California. Worldreader, a global nonprofit committed to getting children reading in under-resourced communities worldwide, has been recognized as this year’s recipient of the coveted US Library of Congress Literacy Award, International Prize. The award acknowledges organizations that have made significant and measurable contributions to enhancing literacy and promoting reading.

Since its inception, Worldreader has demonstrated an unwavering dedication to empowering readers, particularly in areas with limited access to reading. Using digital technology, Worldreader provides access to thousands of digital books, enabling millions of people around the world to enhance their reading skills and digital literacy. Their innovative approach combines the power of technology with a deep understanding of local needs, making reading an enjoyable habit for all.

The US Library of Congress (LOC), the largest library in the world, bestows the Literacy Awards’ International Prize annually to commend the exceptional efforts of organizations that made significant and measurable contributions to increasing literacy levels internationally. This year, the choice of Worldreader as the award recipient shines a light on the potential of digital reading solutions in addressing global literacy and reading challenges.

Rebecca Chandler Leege, CEO of Worldreader, expressed gratitude on behalf of the organization:

We are deeply honored to receive this recognition from the Library of Congress. This award is a testament to the relentless efforts of our team, partners, and supporters. Most importantly, it shines a light on the importance of digital reading in today’s world. Our mission has always been to get children reading, and with this recognition, we are further encouraged to expand our impact.

Rebecca Chandler Leege, CEO of Worldreader

The award ceremony will take place at the Library of Congress on October 18, 2023, where representatives from Worldreader will receive the award and share insights on their groundbreaking initiatives.

For more information about the Library of Congress Literacy Awards, visit the Library of Congress. To learn more about Worldreader and its work, please visit the Worldreader website.

About Worldreader

Worldreader gets children reading so they can reach their potential. An international ed-tech nonprofit organization, Worldreader supports parents and caregivers, school teachers, educators, and local partners with access to reading materials, training, impact data, and continuous engagement support to build early childhood development and reading outcomes for children in under-resourced communities as well as in conflict and crisis settings. Having pioneered digital reading in the Global South since 2010, Worldreader has supported over 22 million readers in more than 100 countries. Worldreader believes that when children and caregivers are motivated and increase their volume and frequency of reading, short-term outcomes such as improved reading comprehension, social-emotional learning and digital literacy skills will be enhanced, leading to long-term educational outcomes, higher earning potential and stronger emotional intelligence.


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