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Hesperian’s Where There Is No Doctor E-book Free to Kids in Africa


Students, families, teachers and community leaders in Worldreader’s programs around Africa are hungry for information, especially health-related resources they could reference on a daily basis. In places where there are no doctors, old books, magazine articles, government flyers left at clinics and tidbits of information shared via word of mouth are what people use to manage their health.

That’s about to change.

Hesperian Health Guides, a nonprofit organization that produces and shares easy-to-understand health information with people worldwide, has partnered with Worldreader, and is donating books to kids in Africa. The organization’s popular Where There Is No Doctor will reach thousands of students in our e-reader programs.

Hesperian’s Where There Is No Doctor e-book will be uploaded to thousands of Kindles, offering unprecedented access to vital healthcare information.

Where There Is No Doctor is widely-known in development circles and the go-to health reference handbook for many developing world community healthcare workers. Not only is the book celebrating 40 years in circulation–with 28 editions, 81 translations and distribution in 221 countries and territories, it recently launched for the first time as an e-book for Kindle on