Worldreader wins the US Library of Congress 2023 Literacy Award ➤


Improving E-Reader Durability


Improving Ebook Tablet Durability

Worldreader’s e-readers in schools loaded with free digital books are now more durable than ever, changing the way people read in Africa.

Kilgoris Pupils Go Hitech


Andrew Ochieng was in Kilgoris (Kenya), where Ntimigom Primary School is located, and he explains how e-readers are changing the education of these young students. It was broadcasted by Kenya CitizenTV and uploaded to their Youtube channel.

One Girl’s Voice Rising from the Slums: I Love Reading!


"Doris, a teenager living in Africa's largest slum in the middle of Nairobi, Kenya, has the odds stacked against her. But, she has learned to cope, find a tune to dance to and dream big. E-books and Kindles have found their way to her school and they have planted a seed of hope. They give her a sense of freedom, keep her mind busy and urge her to study more diligently so she can one day become a doctor. Books matter to Doris-- a lot. Help us reach even more girls like Doris. Donate to Worldreader today:"

Worldreader Program: Gets Books Into the Most Remote Places


See how one Worldreader Program donation brought Kindles into two primary schools in Tanzania. Experience the impact on 11-year-old Mery's life who wants to teach her whole country to read. Wondering what's a Worldreader Program? It's a new way for anyone to get books into the most remote places. It includes: 50 ruggedized Kindles with clip-on lights, 100 storybooks and textbooks per Kindle (from Africa and the rest of the world) and proven training materials for students, teachers and the entire community.