Legacy and Planned Giving

Your legacy gift to Worldreader will leave a lasting impact and help get children reading worldwide.

We’re in the midst of a global learning crisis. Today, 64% of ten-year-olds cannot read and understand a simple story, meaning they’re learning poverty. You can help change that.

Thanks to our dedicated and passionate supporters, Worldreader gets children reading so they can reach their full potential. Your legacy gift will be used to share the power of reading in over 100 countries, bringing digital books and supportive reading programs to the children who need them most. What’s more, it will be felt for years to come, impacting entire families, communities, and countries.

“I feel happy when I read. I also feel like all my dreams can come true.”

Amina is a ten-year-old girl from Ghana. She discovered her passion for reading after participating in the Read to Inspire initiative, a radio book club for children, by children. Every week, students from local schools visit the studio to read and discuss a story from our BookSmart app and broadcast the joy of reading to other children in their community.

We’re incredibly grateful that you share our vision of a better world powered by readers, and we’re confident that your impact will be getting children reading and changing lives for years to come

You can work with your financial advisor to structure your gift in ways that will maximize its benefits to best serve you, your loved ones, and the organizations you champion. If you’d like to discuss a planned gift, please contact us.