Worldreader Legacy Gifts

Help us build a world of readers

For many of us, books and reading have played an immense role in shaping the person we are today. On a daily basis, books can be a source of comfort, growth, and entertainment as we navigate through the complex world we live in

Your legacy gift will have lasting impact.

Your investment allows us to bring digital books and supportive reading programs to more and more children. What’s more, it will be felt for years to come – having a ripple effect on entire families, communities, and countries.

Take Nima for example. Nima is a young girl from the slums of Ghana. In 2019, Nima was introduced to our Inspire Us collection – a collection of empowering stories for women and girls. Nima, who often volunteers to help vulnerable girls in her community, felt compelled to spread these inspiring stories in her community. Now each of the girls’ lives who she has touched can dare to dream bigger.

Sadly, millions of children around the world lack access to basic reading resources. These children risk being held back permanently. At Worldreader we believe that every single person should have equal access to the books they need to improve their lives.

14 million down. 986 million to go.

So far, Worldreader has reached 14 million readers thanks to our dedicated and passionate supporters.  And it’s just the beginning. In the coming years, we plan to reach millions more readers – your legacy gift can make that possible. 

You can structure your gift in ways that will maximize its benefits and are most favorable to you, your favorite organizations, and your loved ones. We are incredibly grateful that you share our vision of a better world, powered by readers, and we are confident that your impact will be changing lives for years to come. 

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You can begin planning your Legacy Gift to Worldreader by sharing our EIN number (27-2092468) with your estate planner or financial advisor. To find out more about how your gift will make a life-long impact or if you have any questions related to how to leave this generous gift, please contact us at