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This Summer, your donation will be matched by a generous donor. Give before August 31st and double your impact for vulnerable children.


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A new school year. A new chance.

Right now, school closures in 30 countries are impacting some 165 million students. With summer break coming up in many countries, vulnerable children are only going to fall further behind. It’s a reality that could steal the future of millions of children. 

What if we could change the narrative? What if we could give children the tools they need to keep learning throughout the summer, so they can recover their learning loss and start their new school year full of opportunities?

Here’s our plan to support children this summer.

Focus on vulnerable children
We’re focusing on low-income communities where books are scarce.

Give access to a rich library
We’re bringing over 400 books to our readers so they can read, learn, and grow.

Provide weekly support
The 12 week summer reading program includes books, activities, and motivational messages.

Get parents involved
We’re giving parents the tools they need to support their children during the summer.

Help readers like Saori, Mohammed, and Jayla

Saori from Peru
Still today, Saori’s school remains closed due to Covid-19. For the last year she has kept reading from our library.

Mohammed from Egypt
Mohammed loves drawing. After reading a book, he makes a drawing inspired by the story.

Jayla from the US
Jayla’s favourite book is about mosquitoes. It’s helped her understand how malaria is harming children in some parts of the world.

You’ll be joining a community of passionate supporters

“So many of us are wondering what we can do for others during this pandemic. Giving to Worldreader gives me a good feeling to know that I was helping in some small way.” 

– Dida

“Whenever I feel a bit low and the world seems a gloomy place I visit Worldreader’s website and see what they’ve been up to and I feel more positive.” 

Sarah Penarah

“It’s been an honor and a privilege to be involved with such an incredible non-profit. The team are all unbelievably inspirational and passionate about what they are doing.”

– Simon

A Special thanks to the members of the Founders Circle for their pioneering support to launch and sustain Worldreader’s US reading program over its foundational first three years. Each Founder is passionate about supporting vulnerable children – keeping them reading and learning during these difficult times and beyond, while promoting cultural diversity and long-term success.

Learn more about our Founders Circle here and learn about our Advisory Council here.