Lalita’s Story


Delhi, India

Lalita is from Delhi, India. She has two daughters, a 4-year-old called Laynisha and a 14-year-old called Toyshi. Lalita was forced to leave school at a young age and was married by the time she was 14 years old. A lot has changed since then.

Now that Lalita has two daughters, she is determined to provide them with a prosperous future and believes that education is fundamental to that.

Lalita discovered that she could access the Read to Kids app on her mobile phone during a community reading event. Since then, she has been regularly using the app to read to her youngest daughter. 

I like reading books to my daughter, mostly Hindi story books. My daughter likes it when I read to her. She asks me to repeat the story 10 times. Education is something that never leaves us, it always helps us to get success. On Sundays I also read to children in the community using the app.

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