Agnes’s Story

Agnes Tetteh


10-year-old Agnes studies at Kade Roman Catholic Primary in Ghana. Her school recently received a batch of e-readers as part of our Ghana District Scale project. Agnus doesn’t have any books at home, but sometimes she’ll write down short stories from the e-readers and bring them home so she can read them again.

We recently spoke to Alice on a visit to her school, here’s what she shared with us:

I live with my grandmother and two older siblings; my parents live in a different town. I don’t have any books at home. So sometimes I write the stories on my e-reader in my exercise book so I can read it when I go home.

With the e-readers, I am able to read a lot more now. It’s also helping me become a better reader. My favorite stories are the Big Egg and Ananse in the Well.

I want to be a bank manager when I grow up as I want to help those in need. English is my favorite subject!

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