| November 14, 2012

We Need You and You and You…


By Susan Moody

We have great news today! Worldreader has been chosen as one of 25 charities to participate in the second annual American Giving Awards presented by Chase! This is a big deal for us. Why? It’s an opportunity for Worldreader to win up to $1 MILLION, and to increase “Books for all” awareness globally like never before.

The stakes are high. With $1 million, we could enter 20 new countries, work with hundreds of new schools and help tens of thousands of children. It would allow us to scale our capacity in extraordinary ways, and get e-books and Kindles to an entire generation even faster. That means empowering students sooner, and giving them more resources to break the cycle of poverty and step confidently into their promising futures. If we win, it would be a rocket ship blast forward on every “Books for all” front.

Friends of Worldreader, we need your help. We won’t be able to do this without you. It’s that simple. Here’s the truth: We ARE experts in getting e-books into the hands of children in the world’s most poverty-stricken areas.  We are NOT experts in mobilizing hundreds of thousands of people to vote for us on Facebook. That’s why we’re going to need all of your help in getting enough votes. Whether you’re a high school student, an author, a book lover, part of a running group, a taxi driver, a teacher, an entrepreneur, a parent talking to other parents at soccer games, or a radio host – whatever!  We need every single one of you. We ask you to commit to help us win $1 million so we can do more of what we’re good at — transforming reading in the developing world.

Help us change education in Africa. Please commit to vote for Worldreader between Nov. 27 and Dec. 4 and share it with your circles.  Check back in the coming days for banners, videos and other resources you can use to get the word out. The results will be announced on NBC Dec. 8 at 8 p.m. EST.

Our success is your success. Let’s do this together!

From the bottom of all of our hearts, THANK YOU!