| December 17, 2010

Reading Takes Off


This week Worldreader.org made an exciting discovery.  Since we left 440 Kindles in the hands of students and teachers in Ghana just 2 weeks ago, we wondered how much reading was going to happen.  Each Kindle was pre-loaded with enough books to keep any motivated student reading for at least a month, so we were surprised when we noticed in our accounts that the kids are already downloading new books!  Books like: Dracula, At Home by Bill Bryson, CK-12 textbooks (Chemistry, Physics, etc), The Paradise War, The Magic Thief, Fathers and Daughters and Sports, and Decoded: Jay-Z Exposed just to name a few.  This is pretty exciting stuff:  it means that all our hard work and all of your generous donations are….. working!  Books for all!

Reading takes off