| August 22, 2014

How Nancy Sparked Our Next Campaign



Meet Nancy- except you can’t put a face to her name.  She’s a 21-year-old girl living in Abia State, Nigeria. Nancy began reading our African books on her Nokia cell phone in May 2013 and that month she spent 10 hours reading. In June, Nancy read for over 40 hours on her phone. When asked, “Do you think that you read more now that you can read on your mobile phone?” Nancy replied: “I do not think that I read more—I know that I read more.”

Nancy reached out to us asking for more books. She wrote: “I love these books not just because they are stories which keep me busy but because so many of them are encouraging and life changing. The writers are so lively they can change the heart of a person who doesn’t believe in the existence of love, life and living.”

She continued: “I want to achieve many things in life.  Just like the saying, ‘I have built my castle in the air,’ I’m waiting for the keys to those castles but whether I will be able to get the keys and open the door to my castle is what I don’t know.  I want earn money so that I can help my family and others who are in need. I will like to build a very big library where many poor people can learn and read.”

We were intrigued by this girl and wanted to know more.  So, we sent staff member Joseph Botwey to Nigeria to learn about her life.  Once he arrived, she was not allowed out of her house. Here’s the unfortunate reality: there are millions of girls like Nancy.

As children are getting ready to head back to school, fears of disease and abduction and violence keep African classrooms empty. That’s heartbreaking. Take a look at the situation in Nigeria: there are over million girls not in school today. Yet, over 125 million people using cell phones daily. The fact that we turn cell phones into personal libraries means that girls like Nancy can be empowered- right now. Our goal is to get Nancy and every girl all the books they need to change their lives.

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Let All Girls Read