| June 16, 2013

How Lisa’s Life Changed When Books Came to Her School


Mobile education in Africa is empowering lives. Just ask Lisa Johnson.

On International Day of the African Child, June 16, we honor children like Lisa. She saw a great opportunity and reached for it. Her ambition, perseverance and leadership reflect what’s becoming more apparent to us every day–kids in Africa are hungry to learn.

Here’s Lisa’s story, as told to Worldreader by Monica Swai, project manager at the Upendo Middle Primary School in Arusha, Tanzania, one of our partner schools:

“When we started the e-reader project at Upendo in September 2012, we started with Class 5 and 6 only.

At that time, Lisa was in Class 4, but she showed up for the training. She was told to go back home and that she could learn and use the e-readers the following year when she reached Class 5.

She started to cry and begged to join the older students. She was allowed to join the Class 5 students and turned out to be the brightest of them all.

Lisa is now in Class 5 and since she began using the e-reader earlier than her fellow students, she helps them learn.”


On International Day of the African Child, we’re honoring Lisa, a student in Tanzania.


Goes to show how Kindles and books in schools in Africa are changing lives, one child at a time.

We hope you’ll join us and donate for reading. Let’s help girls like Lisa reach her potential.