| May 24, 2013

FC Barcelona’s Alex Song Helps Fight Illiteracy


Look who’s joined the Worldreader fan club: FC Barcelona’s Alexandre Song!

Today we’re excited to formally announce that the FCB midfielder will be a Worldreader Ambassador, helping us spread the #booksforall message and fight illiteracy worldwide.

Twenty-six-year-old Alex grew up in Doulala, Cameroon. With his own journey taking him from humble beginnings in sub-Saharan Africa (alongside 27 brothers and sisters) to the pitch of one of the world’s best soccer teams, Alex understands firsthand the importance of education. He knows how books impacted his success and sees how joining a literacy nonprofit like Worldreader will create new opportunities for children everywhere.

“I know where I come from. That’s why I want to give back…not just for Cameroon but also for Africa,” he says in this recent Sky Sports video. “I received a lot, [and] I was a lucky boy. I want to give my best to try to help them.”

Worldreader’s Susan Moody and FC Barcelona player Alex Song talk about being a Worldreader Ambassador and how to bring more digital books to Africa.


Working with Alex expands our existing relationship with Barça. We’re using the power of a sport played everywhere around the globe to inspire kids and encourage more reading in our literacy programs in Africa.

Worldreader’s Susan Moody writes on her blog Swim 4 Good (Susan will swim the Strait of Gibraltar in July and is raising $100,000 to bring more digital books to Africa), “Alex immediately understood the enormous value Worldreader is bringing into sub-Saharan Africa. When I first showed him photos of children [reading on] their Kindles he said,‘You see how happy they are? It’s because now they can get information and an education.’”

THANK YOU, Alex for joining us in the fight against illiteracy. You’re a champion on and off the pitch!


For information on becoming a Worldreader Ambassador, please email comms@worldreader.org.