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Family Fun with BookSmart: 10 Must-Read Books for Parent-Child Bonding


Check out these digital stories that are perfect for reading with your child and creating connections that last.

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There are many different ways parents and caregivers can spend quality time with their child, but our favorite is reading! Sharing books with your child can help foster a love of learning and boost their language skills. By engaging in conversations about the characters and plot, you’re helping them develop critical thinking and social-emotional skills, and expanding their vocabulary.

But the benefits of reading with your child go beyond just storytelling and skill-building. Spending time together with these books is great to build bonds and connections with young readers. When you read with your child, you’re not just sharing a story – you’re sharing an experience. You’re creating memories that will last a lifetime.

To help parents and caregivers build bonds that last, we’ve put together a collection of stories available on BookSmart that are perfect for reading with your child. Not only does BookSmart have engaging features to create fun for children like quizzes and reading tips, but features like goal setting, progress tracking, and Read Together with multiple children make it easier than ever to enjoy hundreds of stories with young readers. You can learn more about BookSmart here and start your reading journey with the books and bonding activities below!

My Huge Tiny Library

My Huge Tiny Library by Elizabeth Wood

Published by Worldreader Originals

Ages 0-5

Discover a magical library that’s always open for you to explore! With talking cats and lots of laughs, there are plenty of stories for everyone to enjoy. And guess what? It’s all free. So jump in and discover the magic of reading!

► Get reading here.

Kooky Bakes Cookies

Kooky Bakes Cookies by BG Bradford

Published by Worldreader Originals

Ages 0-5

Join Kooky Kitty and Bertie Bunny on a baking adventure. With Daddy’s help, they mix, stir, and make a big mess! But it’s all part of the fun. Share in the wonder and joy with this delightful series for the whole family. Get ready for lots of giggles and MIAOWgic moments!

► Get cooking with Kooky here.

Thandi's Mountain Bike

Thandi’s Mountain Bike by Hilary Atkinson

Published by Kidza Books and Worldreader

Ages 6-8

Thandi rides her bike every day. She hopes that one day she will be a champion mountain bike rider.

► Ride into new worlds here.

Magic Garage: Meet Dusty

Magic Garage: Meet Dusty by Jon Groves

Published by Worldreader Originals

Ages 0-5

Can you guess who’s in the garage? This exciting story is full of surprises, showing that helping is important and friendships are special. Get ready for a big adventure!

► Dust off the dirt and get learning here.

My ABC of Special Words

My ABC of Special Words by Ruby Yayra Goka

Published by Worldreader and My Special Word

Ages 0-8

Special words are positive words that tell you, you can BE anything and DO anything. They make you feel LOVED and SPECIAL. Follow along as Kiki shares his list of very special words. What will you choose to be today?

► Explore what word makes you special here.

Sleep Tight, Tiger

Sleep Tight, Tiger by BG Bradford

Published by Worldreader Originals

Ages 0-5

As a child prepares for bed, they tell us all about their routine. Wind down with this delightful, rhyming bedtime story that will surely become an instant classic. Children and caretakers alike will rejoice reading it together, time and time again.

► Get cozy under the covers here.

The Tree of Hope

The Tree of Hope by Kehkashan Basu

Published by Voices of Future Generations

Ages 6-12

Khadra is a curious young girl living in a desert where everyone struggles with the heat and the drought. But by planting and caring for a tree, she discovers some of nature’s best secrets, forever changing her community.

► Learn to grow new beginnings here.

Dive! Dive! Dive!

Dive! Dive! Dive! By Jon Groves

Published by Worldreader Originals

Ages 6-8

Join Aarna and Aarush as they explore the sea in their submarine. Full of fun sea creatures and hidden pictures to engage the reader on every page.

► Swim into a sea of wonder here.

STEAM-Powered Careers: Virtual Reality

STEAM-Powered Careers: Virtual Reality by Sharon Mozgai and Cat Bobino

Published by Room to Read

Ages 6-12

Imagine being able to travel anywhere without leaving home. Join Jae and his friend, Felicia the fox, as they visit a special place using virtual reality and learn the different ways scientists are using it too.

► Join the their virtual adventure here.

We Are Family: Picnic in the Park

We Are Family: Picnic in the Park by Rebecca Fenton

Published by Worldreader Originals

Ages 0-8

Join us at the neighborhood picnic in the park! Families from all backgrounds gather for good food, good times, and lots of love. Spot the little dog in the pictures and enjoy the fun!

► Play in the park here.

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