Books, Digital Reading | June 24, 2022

Book Inspires Children in Sierra Leone to Protect the Planet


After reading a book about climate change and the importance of forests on BookSmart, a school class in Sierra Leone was inspired to take action.

School children seat in class and read a book on a tablet in Sierra Leone

How have the books you read as a child inspired you? Did they help you choose your career path? Did they help you make new friends? Or maybe they inspired you to travel and explore the world?

Books speak to us in different ways but no matter the story, the pages of a good book always offer inspiration and important life lessons.

A group of school children in Sierra Leone was inspired to protect our planet. After learning about climate, rising temperatures, and the life-supporting role of forests, they decided to leave the classroom and take action by planting trees together. When the teacher asked, they explained that they wanted to plant trees because they help “keep the weather cool.” All because of a book.

Hear it from the readers – Watch the video below and discover how the book Mary Plants a Tree inspired this school to take care of the environment. Learn more about our project in Sierra Leone and the ways we’re supporting young readers 👇

At Worldreader, we believe that readers build a better world. And sometimes, change starts in the classroom. Other times, in the garden. Mary Plants a Tree and other world-changing stories can be accessed on our free app BookSmart. Explore our collections and help young readers build a brighter future for all.

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