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6 Books to Spark Creativity in Your Child


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Creativity is crucial for children to be successful. As they grow, discovering different ideas allows their imagination to flourish. Books are a great way to encourage this curiosity and mental development. When children read stories about activities that allow them to express themselves, they’re inspired to try new things and find unique creative outlets.

Through stories, young readers can explore various ideas and interests, whether it be creating through art, music, theater, dance or some other medium. They develop creative skills, passions, and new ways of thinking. Imagination, understanding, and self expression can increase by not only flexing their creative muscles, but reading about characters who are doing the same.

Find these 6 artistic and imaginative reads on the BookSmart app. We even offer hundreds of activities on BookSmart that allow children to be creative and interact with the plot, themes, and characters long after a story ends!

Little Painters

Little Painters by Cheryl Rao

Published by Pratham Books

Ages 6-8

Painting the house is such fun! But what color should the gate be? This book teaches colors in a fun way.

► Create a colorful palette here.

Let's Dance

Let’s Dance by Valerie Bolling

Published by Astra Young Readers (Astra Publishing House)

Ages 0-5

This rhythmic showcase of dances from all over the world features children of diverse backgrounds and abilities tapping, spinning, and boogying away!

► Join in the dancing here.

Rooster Raga

Rooster Raga by Natasha Sharma

Published by Tulika Publishers

Ages 6-8

Do roosters sing ragas? Ruru does, but like all true artistes, discovers it after a struggle! This cheery, foot-tapping story invites big and little readers to move and sing, clap and tap along with the expressive characters.

► Learn the power of song here.

Sometimes It's Bright

Sometimes It’s Bright by Annie Ruygt

Published by Astra Young Readers (Astra Publishing House)

Ages 0-5

In this visually rich picture book, a girl discovers the joy of creativity, first on a walk through the city and ultimately within herself. Sometimes It’s Bright explores how being our most creative selves brings joy to us and to the world.

► Find a world of fun here.

► Leer en español aquí.

Miss Tiny Chef

Miss Tiny Chef by Linda Nabasa

Published by Book Dash

Ages 6-8

Miss Tiny Chef is only eight years old. She does things other little girls wouldn’t do. Armed with a talking mingling stick that shares all its great recipes with her, Kasini stirs up a special surprise meal for mummy.

► Cook up some creativity here.

Dancing Hands

Dancing Hands by Joanna Que

Published by Room to Read

Ages 6-8

Sam’s new neighbor has hands that can dance. Sam and Mai soon become good friends. But sometimes they have misunderstandings. Can Sam learn to make music with her hands too?

► Discover their dance here.

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