Working together
to tackle the learning crisis

We’re in the midst of a global learning crisis. Today, 64% of ten-years-old can’t read and understand a simple story. To become successful readers and overcome the crisis, children need support at the community and family level. And this requires partnership.

Why partner with us?

We help you scale your impact.

We help you achieve your purpose.

We have proven results, with 10+ years of experience.

We will be with you every step of the way.

Our Partners include:

Our partners get affordable, easily scalable solutions, as well as continuous support and key data to deliver digital reading programming to under-resourced families, schools, and communities.

We partnered with CARE Egypt to support children’s learning outside the classroom. Children’s daily reading time increased to 23 minutes a day thanks to our all-in-one reading solution BookSmart, a structured reading competition, and the creation of a virtual learning community.

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We help foundations and government institutions harness the power of technology to transform education and meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. With digital reading, they’re driving change at an unprecedented rate and scale.

In 2019, teachers in Ghana reported insufficient reading materials and government textbooks in classrooms. We partnered with the Municipal Education Office (MEO) of Kwaebibirem to introduce digital reading programs to 90 public primary schools and provide culturally-relevant and curriculum-aligned learning materials. The program improved learning outcomes, reading access and engagement, and digital skill development.

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We work with hundreds of publishers to create an inspiring, engaging, culturally relevant library that will get the world reading. Publishers get access to GDPR-compliant key insights to better understand reading behavior and identify new markets.

Our library includes thousands of books and curriculum-aligned learning material for children aged 3-12 in both major and local languages. We handpick books that foster a child’s love of reading and support the development of a young reader’s vocabulary, reading comprehension, and emotional intelligence.

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Our corporate partners invest in digital reading to transform the lives of millions of children. These partners scale their impact by donating time, capital, services, and products to tackle key development challenges such as the learning crisis.

In partnership with Amazon, Worldreader launched the Let’s Get Children Reading Grant, a funding opportunity for community-based nonprofit organizations in the US that aims to get 75,000 children ages 3-12 reading to improve reading comprehension and social-emotional learning.

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Interested in partnering?

The learning crisis is threatening our future and requires urgent collective action to overcome. Together, we can get and keep children reading now so they can build a better world.

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We developed a unique A-B-C-D-E model to get children 3-12 years old reading so they can benefit from better education outcomes, higher earning potential, and stronger emotional intelligence.

Our projects are designed to increase the time, volume and frequency of reading in a child’s life and engage caregivers in their child’s reading journey.

With BookSmart we reach readers in 100+ countries and work with partners in Africa, India, Latin America and the United States.