Mobile Devices, New Partnerships Boost Worldreader


In 2014, two new reports showed how Worldreader’s digital reading efforts can effectively boost literacy rates, and how a reading culture can flourish in the developing world thanks to the march of mobile technology and some generous new publisher partnerships.

Ghana iREAD Study: Final Evaluation


Ghana iREAD Study 2012-2014 Final Evaluation

Worldreader is improving reading in Africa, as early primary students read more and better after 18 months in an e-reader program, improving their literacy rates.

Okanta Kate


"One e-book can change a life. It changed Okanta Kate's life forever. After reading The Shark by Ghanaian author Peggy Oppong -- a book Worldreader digitized and added to her Kindle, Okanta Kate was hooked, and magical things began to happen. This 17-year-old high school student has become an avid reader and has devoured more than 100 books in one year. She's writing poetry and short stories and aspires to not only achieve great things, but to inspire others around her to achieve great things as well."

Reading Better


After just 6 months, Worldreader's students in Ghana are testing better on reading comprehension... but see for yourself the effect e-readers are having on fluency and diction.