Transcript “Sarah, a Teacher in Ghana Uses Worldreader E-Readers” Video

Sarah, a teacher in Ghana, describes the impact of Worldreader’s e-readers on her students’ reading.

“My name is Sarah Appiah.” Sarah teaches with Wordreader e-readers in her classroom. “It has helped me because I get so many books to read. And it engages them all the time. I have had students who have improved in their writing, their speaking ability and their reading ability.”

April 2011 – five months into Worldreaders iREAD program. Students are spending 50% more of their time reading than before.

(De-Graft, reading) “…Sitting with ma and the children. I am going to see papa in the village.”

(De-Graft) “Since I’ve had the e-reader everything has really changed.”

So what had changed?

“My reading has changed.”

(Sarah) “Using the e-reader, they are searching, they become curious.”

(Charles) “I like reading with my grandmother. (Reading) “He got off his nice new bicycle and leaned it against the wall.” (Grandmother) “Oh Charles!”

(Sarah) “It has helped build their vocabulary.”

(Gideon) “Passionate is having, showing or caused by strong feelings or beliefs.” I am passionate about reading.”

Now Gideon can’t put his e-reader down. Students’ test scores improved 4.4% on average. Primary students’ reading comprehension scored improved 13%. (Source: Ghanaian School Education Assessment Test)

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