People Reading on Mobile Phones in Namibia: 511

People Reading on E-Readers in Namibia: 1,000

Book Languages Available: Afrikaans, English, Lozi, Tswana (source: Ethnologue)

Namibia Population: 2.21 Million

Namibia GDP: $17.79 billion

Languages Spoken: Afrikaans, Diriku, English, Fwe, German, Standard, Hai||om, HereroShow More, Ju|’hoan, Khoekhoe, Khwe, Kuhane, Kung-Ekoka, Kwambi, Kwangali, Kwanyama, Lozi, Mashi, Mbalanhu, Mbukushu, Namibian Sign Language, Naro, Ndonga, Northwestern !Kung, Tswana, !Xóõ, Yeyi, ZembaHide (source: Ethnologue)

Adult Literacy Rate in Namibia: 90%

Learn about our e-reader programs in Namibia:

Omusati Library Initiative

Location: Omusati, Namibia

Sponsoring Organization: Omusati Regional Council

Launch Date: Summer 2016

Number of devices: 50 Kindle 7’s

Students’ grade level: Primary & Community Patrons

Types of books: Storybooks, early reading materials, novels, and reference materials

Deployment model: School Library & Community Library

Do patrons take devices home: No

The Story: The e-reader project is one that will see 2 School Libraries and 3 Community libraries each receiving 10 e-readers per library from the total of 50 e-readers purchased. The aforementioned stations namely; Nukata Primary School, Onawa Senior Secondary School, Outapi Community Library, Okalongo Community Library and Okahao Community Library where selected as the first pilot stations to house these readers by the Directorate of Education, Arts and Culture in Omusati region, which is the sponsoring body of the project.