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School and Library Programs

Students reading from a Worldreader e-reader in school

Our School and Library Programs By the Numbers:

We have shipped and delivered the following numbers of e-readers and books to schools and libraries in Africa:





Schools &


Types of School and Library Programs:

Our school and library projects start with a Worldreader e-reading solution. It contains everything needed to bring digital reading to a school or library: e-readers, e-books, and Worldreader’s expertise. Find out more.


Individual programs allow students to have their own e-readers, providing maximum impact. In certain cases, schools permit students to take their e-readers home.

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Shared programs let e-readers be shared between students within classrooms and school libraries. This e-reading model increases student exposure and encourages group work.

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Community programs often serve community members of all ages, ranging from children to adults, at public libraries or community resource centers. Community programs can allow patrons to check out e-readers, if they please.

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Geographic Scope of Our School and Library Programs:

Worldreader e-reading programs are currently being implemented in schools and libraries in the following countries:

Devices Deployed By Country:

We've got 32,571 e-readers in schools and libraries in 16 countries.

Books Delivered By Year:

2010 4,683 Books

2011 25,384 Books

2012 302,515 Books

2013 556,634 Books

2014 440,378 Books

2015 1,227,156 Books

2016 1,223,838 Books

2017 1,559,923 Books

2018 500,885 Books

Donors can bring digital books to a community in need:

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The Schools & Library Team:

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The Schools and Library Programs team is responsible for getting digital books into schools and libraries in the developing world. We design Worldreader’s e-reading solutions, deliver them, ensure their implementation, and monitor their continued success.

Essential to this success is the involvement of the schools, libraries, and operational partners that utilize these e-reading solutions. The Early and Transitional Reading Programs team develops and maintains these essential partnerships while also continually innovating the suite of technologies that enhance Worldreader’s school and library e-reading projects.