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Reading unlocks

Reading unlocks opportunity. Words—spoken or written—are the building blocks of life. Reading develops our minds and helps us make sense of ourselves and the world around us. People who read improve their earning potential, increase their chance of breaking the cycle of poverty and create inner capacity to build healthier and more equitable societies.

Meet the Students Who Are Already Unlocking Opportunity Through Reading

Together, We Can Transform an Entire School District

This holiday season, you can help us unlock opportunity for 2,000 students by bringing our Ghana District Scale project to 40 more classrooms.

Kwaebibirem district, Ghana

24 schools where 7,000 students are already reading books through Ghana District Scale

64 schools where 45,000 students will read through Ghana District Scale with your help

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Gift of Opportunity

This holiday season, help us give 2,000 students the books they need to live healthier, more prosperous, more empowered lives.


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10 students


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1 classroom


can help reach
1 school

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out of 2000 students

Stories You’ll Be Sharing

Your donation will help provide local and culturally relevant books that give students the tools to take control of their health, their education and their futures.

Life Skills

Relatable and engaging stories teach students skills that they can apply to improve their everyday lives

Gender Equality

Stories depicting strong female characters encourage girls and boys to rethink gender stereotypes from a young age


With a range of textbooks in our library, students can access all the learnings required to achieve success in school


Stories containing lessons on health help students understand how to lead healthier and longer lives

With Your Support, Students Can Unlock Their Potential and Dream Bigger

Donate $300 and help us reach 10 students.